Snowden UNMASKS Apple’s New Ploy To SPY On You!!

Apple announced a new set of “protection for children” features for US iPhones, but will it open the floodgates to a significant expansion of the surveillance state?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. There are many examples of 'widening back door'. We allowed the concept of hate speech to be a thing,for instance. That is proving to be fatal for freedom and democracy.

  2. If Apple already has the ability to spy on phones, they'll do it without anyone's consent, and that is reality. I'm less concerned with the spying factor and more concerned about them using this technology to plant false evidence onto cell phones. If you think cancel culture is bad now, just wait…

  3. A minuscule part of the general population are pedos, a larger part of people in power are. I'm sure they're wanting to do this so they can get busy arresting each other… sounds legit.

  4. They already do have access to your phone. If you sign up for FB they ask if they can use your pictures, and contacts for other people to get a hold of you. They track your every move with Google maps. We have store apps on our phone's do we not? They say it is for coupons and savings right. They are paying attention to what you are buying. The phone seems to be able to hear what you say and you end up with many adds on your phone.

  5. In reality they could just push it out without actually telling anyone. I mean who really look at all the details of updates, it's a closed source platform. What they put in release notes is only what they want people to know.

  6. Apple privacy is the biggest joke in History. The decrease and not increase privacy. No other tech company do offline PC/Phone private data scanning.
    Well now ALL apple users are under general suspicion.

    It's ok on their servers/clouds but absolutely deadly in millions of peoples phones and laptops. So many data can be analysed besides what apple says, it mustn't be true. The Mac environment is closed source so only apple knows what they spy on you. It's far worse than Facebook has ever pulled of.

  7. Hey Russell I know you are father and a seeker of truth but dont you think it is time to accept pedophelia as truth? My theory is pretty biologically basic and it goes like this: women need bigger cocks due to desensibilization after time and men need.. tighter pussies.. its just like.. i dont know logic?

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