So… If THIS Isn’t Political CORRUPTION Then WHAT IS?!!!

37 members of Congress have violated a law designed to root out insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest’
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I think the root of the problem, in my country anyway, is that the laws and constitution are OUT OF DATE and out of style. First we need to review and update the laws to be more relevant to today’s issues and then we need a system of enforcement to ensure the people that the laws are being respected. That could include tax laws, insider trading penalties etc. But right now there are so many loopholes that it has become “normal” for those with wealth and positions of influence to just legally work within the existing system with no risk. Just a slap on the wrist and a “bad boy” story in the media. In north america our constitutions were developed in the context of a culture that naturally held people accountable by way of close communities and good conscience and fear of losing credibility within a community or family institution. Now everyone is so far apart and so isolated from ANY form of community accountability or moral expectations that there is no incentive to be ethical. Being a liar is not illegal. Being immoral is not ILLEGAL. And our society has become obsessed with ONLY LEGAL accountability…a legal system that is OUT OF DATE and irrelevant. We are all so lazy and spoiled and we brag about our “forefathers” and how they fought fpr democracy and built “the constitution”! As though those laws will forever be relevant….like its the bible! NO! Its NOT the bible. Its a governing guideline based on the CURRENT human condition that was developed to protect people from CURRENT DAY threats and risks and WE need to do the WORK to REVISE IT continually to be relevant. Anyway. Believe it or not thats the SUMMARY of my opinion of how to deal with this bullshit of insider trading and more.

  2. This is one of the many reasons why Trump was elected. If you remember, Trump voters said that his election was meant as a message…that people were sick and tired of the way politicians were conducting themselves. Politicians on BOTH SIDES, might I add. Americans were ready to “drain the swamp” and start to get some accountability out of our government. Instead of listening, these people were ridiculed, assaulted and cancelled. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. A $200 fine that gets waived on millions of dollars worth of crime. Take money out of politics. We need people with self-serving interests out of the government. People with a true servant's heart need to be in the government. To work for the betterment of the people and the country.

  4. ► Gravitas: Revealed: How Pfizer blackmails countries for shots

    Oct 21, 2021 07:32 —————————-


    ; Is PFIZER putting profits above lives? Public Citizen, a non-profit

    ; organization says that PFIZER can stop countries from speaking about

    ; contracts – block vaccine donations – unilaterally change delivery

    L schedules & demand public assets as collateral.

    ;Palki Sharma tells you more.

    #Pfizer #CovidVaccine #Gravitas

    01:41 PFIZER and not Pfizer. Pay attention.

  5. Hell yeah we need to get “Big Money” out of politics. Politicians are supposed to be “public servants”. Instead they sell their influence to Big Business and pass laws to financially help those that donate to them.

    Also American politics should have term limits. I found it ironic and hypocritical that Congress discussed putting term limits on the Supreme Court but would NEVER vote to put term limits on themselves in Congress.

  6. Do you know that the CIA butchered .5-1 million innocents in Jakarta? Or a third of the population of East Timor while Ford & Carter Sat in the WH! God knows how many millions were butchered in S.America, Mid East, and SEAsia! The point is, Hitler, Stalin, Mao … Combined delivered less despotism than America! See “The Jakarta Method” by Vincent Bevins

  7. It doesn't really matter which party you belong to when it comes to insider trading. Most, if not all of them are doing it. There are loopholes designed for them to get away with it or maybe a little slap on the wrist. You nailed it Russell! It's all about the money, and that unfortunately will never change.

  8. My family doesn't listen to me.. they just want to go to work and come home rinse and repeat forever and pretend nothing is happening. My girlfriend and I even broke up because I am finding passion in knowing what's happening and trying to do something. She also wants to pretend nothing Is happening and she is planning for her future for ten years.. I don't think we have another decade to just $#!& Around. I fear it's not only them, just listening to people at work it seems to be everywhere just ignorant and ignoring everything until the consequences are right on top of them. Does not Foster alot of hope for fellow Americans.

  9. Been saying this for years. Government and people been sold out. Government reform. Capitalism is best economy. A sold out capitalism gone rog government is as evil as anything. People come together and stand up it can be taken back. For the people by the people will make a come back. All treasonous political criminals will be charged

  10. Trump wasn't trying to drain the swamp. He was simply redecorating.
    If you want to drain the swamp you have to do it from the bottom. Our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution. They wrote it in such a way that this country can be ruled from the bottom up. If every state passes the same law then it is the law of the land. And the only people who can override that law is the Supreme Court. They and their families has to live among us. If every state passes the same law then it is a Unity law.
    The first Unity law that should be passed is attendance requirements for Congress. A couple of thousand students go to Washington every year to see our government in action. Congress is in session and nobody's there. Senators and representatives should be required to meet a 90% attendance rate. These people are not important enough to be impeached. They should get R&R. Recalled and Replaced.
    Every States has the right replace certain restrictions on their senators and representatives just as corporations have the right you have a moral clause.
    The second Unity law that should be passed is Lobby restrictions.
    If someone wants to Lobby Congress it should only be allowed to be done on the floor Congress. You want the lobby representative you do it on the floor of the house. If you want the lobbyists senator you do it on the floor of the Senate. This makes it easier you get rid of crooked politicians. With multi media this campaign can easily go Nationwide…

  11. Governments and their tramps and treasures….same as it just to be at here in Mexico my bro,maybe still happens but now they dont doit so freely,they know once they get cought they will go to jail,the past few years jail houses had many tenants with a withe neek collar ….they proses it's slow but it's wking,jail houses never had the privilege to welcome this individuals that walked on earth like their shit don't ever stunk….our president it's not a excellent president but instead is a President that it's doing his job just like anyone shall do ..just the job wich one is getting pay for !!!✌️😁

  12. There is only one American party : the Goverment party which consists of both republican and Democrats and anything else: America is actually a pretend democracy and the American people don't realise.

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