So They DO Run The World

As the WEF pushes a digital ID that proposes monitoring online behaviour, purchases, biometrics, and more – are we heading towards our own social credit system?
#TheGreatReset #DigitalID #VaccinePassports


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I vote for Michelle obama for president elect 2024 it's time for the first women president. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  2. YEP. Hit the jackpot.
    Bunch of mafia, criminals, monsters running the world.
    YEP. After the comments I made with common sense philosophy and based on what Jeremy Bentham had predicted 150 years ago. They had access to my data and they blocked few videos I used to watch and news on my YouTube. And am just a normal citizen individual, working full time and doing law degree.
    I cannot imagine what would they do to public speakers and their data.

  3. I already believe that we are headed on a very dangerous path that is going to result in either uprising or total tyranny, that much to me is clear. The timescale however is not so clear, it could be decades or it could be centuries. Like everything in human history, tools are but tools. They can be used for so many purposes – it completly depends on who is using said tool and for what purpose. A knife cuts and helps to prepare food, it can also stab, maim and kill. A CCTV camera and database can be used to secure and help fight against serious crime or be used as part of a dystopian credit score system like proposed in China. Most people are kept in a rat race, too busy worrying about day to day problems to focus on the bigger picture or to see a potential threat. Many authors and philosophers over the years have tried to warn or educate about such things. There is no easy solution or clear answer. Knowledge is power.

  4. We don't have a say at this point. Our phones monitor us and track us, our smart TV's are also listening to us. My tv can be off and I say a word loud enough, the tv turns on and says the word. My tv also turns itself on when nobody is even around. It's ridiculous! Thank you China! 😡

  5. Russell, we need a spotlight on New Zealand. It's even worse than Canada here. At my work, a government department, 250+ people are about to get sacked over a vaxmandate policy- (we are office workers) despite a High Court ruling last week (Yardley) stating that it is a breach of the NZ Bill of RIghts Act for our police and defence force. Right now, hundreds of riot police, with rumours of hired mercenaries, are pepper spraying peaceful protestors at our parliament grounds who have been in occupation for 3 weeks. Jacinda Ardern is out of control. Our Department of Conservation workers- also getting sacked- 300+ people! People who work outdoors! Lots more government departments doing the same. New Zealand have had 20 people who have died FROM covid- we are the test tube for the world. What's next? I'm a lawyer, keen to talk.

  6. Russell Brand and Joe Rogan are the good guys. Let’s hope neither gets cancelled by those who conduct their lives through the lens of moral outrage. We have had enough!

  7. Well I'll have horrible social credit because I'm antisocial and an a**** and I just don't give a s*** but I do like you Russell always liked you I think you're a great talent and a conscientious man and father happiness and health to you today I've tried doing that thing where you say reach out to you about your thoughts but I can't I can't figure it out I'll figure it out sooner or later and then send you a

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