So THIS Is Why They Didn’t Want Him To Have It

Elon Musk has finally bought Twitter. But is there something the mainstream media aren’t talking about relating to this deal? Recently I spoke with Alan Macleod on my live stream Stay Free with Russell Brand about Musk’s takeover & possible involvement from government agencies to stop it from happening. #elonmusk #twitter

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I used to write Russell off as a nut bag, now I find my self, a classical liberal, listening to him and Jimmy Door on a regular basis.
    I listen to them for the gems they drop like Twitter being packed with 3 letter agencies…….fuck, one more rabbit hole I have to go down.😊

  2. There is a staggering amount of Bots on here , regurgitating cookie cutter cliches and conversing with themselves.

    It's disturbing to witness. But not entirely new either.

    These are likely controlled by a programmer /programmers to whom English is a secondary language.
    Because there's a lack of slang -proficiency which gives the entire illusion a noticeably insincere aura

  3. Elon Musk is either one of the greatest human beings ever to be born who will bring this planet to its true prosperity or he is the greatest James Bond villain ever. Either way the dude's awesome in my book

  4. Well Elon didn’t care about the neighborhood in Boca Chica Texas. The beach was ruined for Space X and homeowners that owned their little houses for generations in their tropical paradise were given pennies on the dollar for what their property was worth. Their is a documentary about this.

  5. I think everybody’s being fooled Elon’s pull in the musk the wax the blindfold over your eyes. His system is just gonna be gathering information on people that uses Twitter so they can be heavily spied on more than ever before ( And no one will realize it and they can be black mailed in the future at the whim of the puppeteers) DONT be fooled again… you don’t make the kind of money that Elon Makes unless your hidden agenda is to usher in the antichrist unbeknownst to t he people

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