So THIS Is Why US Wants War In Ukraine

This week I spoke with investigative journalist with the Grayzone, Aaron Maté, about efforts by the US proxy war in Ukraine and its efforts to weaken and destabilise Russia. #ukraine #russia #US
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. That's very interesting but contains desinformation. As a an "eastern Ukranian" I would recomend you to study the language laws and when they were implemented. Russian language was not banned, moreover we keep using it till now, well kept, as currently around 60+ % of citizens of Kharkiv think that we should switch to Ukranian emediately, and another 20+ think that we should do it in more gradual way. As for Donets and Lugansk regions – they've fallen to insinuated paranoya during that time. Please do not spread misinformation.

  2. Globalism, is a completely fascist political ideology of elites around the world, bent on becoming THE single, dominant governing power in the West and in Eastern Europe, having absolute power and control over the resources the wealth and the general population, with unchallengeable authority.
    Globalism, spawned shortly after the end of WW2, and has been in the move ever since, and it's most powerful, efficient, and effective weapon has been Social Conditioning/brainwashing… Masters at mind fvckery.
    And Globalists have wanted to dominate Russia since after the end of WW2, because it is filled with rare prescious metals and minerals, oil, gold, timber/limber, and vast lands.
    This is why globalism has been taking bites out of Russia for a long time, and surrounding it, by inducting countries like Ukraine.
    I am not saying, that Putin/ communism is some innocent angel… But globalism is far worse.
    And communism and fascism do not mix well, as was proven during WW2.
    You can safely compare globalism, with the 3rd Reich of that era… Completely similar, except the tactics/methods have changed from brute military force, to Social Conditioning/brainwashing, and it's been going on for decades/generations, and it's been working almost to perfection.
    I'll provide here, a long bit exact analogy:
    If there were a lot of land you wanted, because it was rich in resources you could gain vast wealth and power from controlling, but it was inhabited by a bear which is dangerous, you couldn't simply go in and kill that bear, because the population would hate you, turn on you…
    So what do you do?
    You spread propaganda among the population about how bad the bear is to the point the population fears that bear like a boogiman.
    You use the bear as a scapegoat to blame for everything bad going on.
    You provoke the bear to become more aggressive, and corner it until it attacks.
    Then you tell the population the bear is viciously attacking women, children, etc….
    Now, the population wants the bear dead, and support you in killing it.
    Now, you're a hero, and now you have the populations consent to take that bear out, and take ownership of the land…
    Understand the situation better now?
    Globalism is The single, most largest threat to the entire West, and Eastern Europe.
    It is the coming of a 4th Reich, and it will bring atrocities which will dwarf those of the 3rd Reich in the near future.
    This is no game. And it is no LOL matter.
    Our children and grandchildren will all suffer equally under the rule of Globalism.

  3. If the US – or should I say , the "Globalists" , succeed in crippling Russia in this long drawn out proxy war . Then their power over all of us will increase exponentially .
    I don't believe Putin went to war jingoistically, I don't believe him to be a fool. I believe he was given little other choice. I don't believe he represents a return to national empiralism (I say "national emperialism" to draw a distinction between his actions and the geopolitical empiralism and deological subversion of the Globalists). I find it hard to say, but I believe that if Putin is successful in this proxy war, posterity will thank him .

  4. One situation where nukes all released at once would be a goodthing – if an insider within the manufacturing plant messed with the nuke heads and when fired they go nowhere but blow up anyway.

  5. Americans….I dont hear those chants anymore USA…USA…USA.
    Shit starters from the start! Bombed their on buildings, murdered their own politicians and civil rights voices.
    (?) Bless America? It must be Satan. Yes, America's God is the Dark god, the fallen one who wants to be worshipped. America has sold it's soul!

  6. We pulled out of Afghanistan so our politicians had so find another opportunity for the weapon companies they're so heavily invested in. Can't let Pelosi's Raytheon stocks take a hit because we have peace somewhere!

  7. It turns out Taiwan, Japan and even Holland have better earthquake detection systems than California…which they finally got in 2019, no thanks to Trump, who wanted to stop Shakealert. He must have changed his mind.
    Trump doesn't believe in science, of course, or safety regulations, but he somehow believes the sea will only rise one eight of an inch in the next 300 years. Hot water rises or swells, and most climate scientists say it will rise 26 feet.

  8. Basically; Trump broke the Forever War elite's toy, when he pulled out of Afghanistan, so they replaced it with Ukraine and the tax payers get to pay for it

  9. Russel what is that Under the Skin interview between yourself and Yuval Noah Harari all about??? Lots of hugs and praise and love going on 🤮

  10. The media is all controlled by the same 4 ppl and families, so no I dont believe the mainstream media on much..its completely obvious why the Ukraine situation is going on and alot of u.s politicians among other countries political powers have been funneling dirty money and business through the country and it started with Obama and his tyrannical regime

  11. In the time available Aaron gave an accurate and simplified account. I believe it began far earlier, at the breakup of the Soviet Union. In the early 90s Yeltsin opened up the opportunity for the economic rape of the country by both Russian Oligarchs and US"investors, one of whom was William Browder, an accomplished conman, who used criminal means to acquire State assets some reserved exclusively for Russian citizens. Browder was caught out with a tax scam and invented the Magnitsky story. Browder successfully convinced the US and the EU that Putin is a villain. for foiling his scheme.The US long term goal was to split Russia into small "manageable" statelets making it easy for US control of resources. Putin's appointment by Yeltsin threw a spanner into their plans by cracking down on the theft of state assets.
    The 2014 coup in Ukraine is another attempt to achieve the same goal of US to weaken Russia and finally "colonize" Russian resources. Ukrainians are sadly expendable tools of US hegemony.

  12. Russell, keep up the good work of exposing the truth. Most on the Left will hate you for it, but nonetheless, some of them are having their eyes opened.

  13. But Kamara Harris told me in her holy wisdom: Russia a big country attacked Ukraine a small country in Europe.
    Can not even believe that truth is more complicated than that.

    Guess my 1-year-old dog was right while he was laughing in the dog at Kamara's world of wisdom, pretty sure my dog can sniff out BS./s

  14. Great report Russell. I remember when Victoria Nuland was forced to testify under oath and accidentally told the truth and said that the U.S. had bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

  15. I have to play you at half speed otherwise you're irritating.

    Are you on amphetamines?
    Did you meet Lemmy?
    You must have got on well if you did.

  16. So the US government is spending billions of tax payer money on a war that the American people have not sanctioned during a time when our economy is going South. Lovely!

  17. I can reveal to people, where Globalisms roots are buried…
    If you know of the history of the East India company, this is the beginning.
    The East India company never was dissolved, or disappeared, it simply evolved under the radar over the centuries, remaining in operation in the background.
    Fast forward to the events leading to the rise of the 3rd Reich. The events were a fascist ideology riding the coattails of socialism, as long as it was a useful tool, and then wiping it out once the moment was right.
    The 3rd Reich perfected the use of Social Conditioning/brainwashing… Social experiments, psychological warfare, etc..
    The big mistake, was using brute military force which drew the focus of the free world.
    Lessons learned and realized by the ever existing East India company, which was by then, an even more expansive power, with even more powerful members (elites).
    After the demise of the 3rd Reich, all the research/experiments, documentation fell into the hands of the victors… who realized the potential to further their own agendas, and set to perfecting those experiments upon society/the general population.
    This, is the origin of Globalism.
    Globalism is pure fascism, and the power of the East India company combined.
    The end goal, is to create a completely emulsified population of indentured slaves, and minimalizing it's ability to unite and rise against the power of Globalism.
    Hence the constant push to create division within the general population on as many fronts as possible, and to gain absolute power and control over the resources and the wealth… (Global warming, digital economy, forcing the need for credit cards, to enslave the population through debt, etc..)

  18. I cant say im convinced. This war is planned to destabilise the west and weaken it all the while raising up the cost of living around the world to create the hunger games society and push forward the great reset.

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