Soaring power bills & collapsing retailers #costofliving

#Power #Bills #heisesays
Soaring power bills will drive up the cost of living and destroy retailers.


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  1. I definitely think nuclear is a good idea, not the old nuclear stations we know, but the gen-4 type. It really does seem like it may be clean, safe, and the answer to reducing the damage to our climate.

  2. Taken it in the butt from Labor and verbal diarrhoea in the mouth from the Greens.. These two parties are doing the devil's work against normal Australians 😈

  3. Who said renewables were going to be cheaper? The same billionaires getting richer off taxpayer subsidies – there is NO ‘climate emergency’ but we’re paying for the scam & schools btw have been preaching this Marxist propaganda for years …..

  4. Florian, great video you are spot on. A new fan here from the People's Republic of California near San Diego. These woke left-wing do-gooders are a clear and present danger to the world's economy and prosperity. A dangerous and destructive lot who are in effect saboteurs.

  5. Victoria has passed a Bill [supported by the opposition ],hunters and farmers are Banned from sharing any meat they butcher,an Authorised Officer can now enter a property without warrant or Court order, and ask any questions they like ,theres a push to also stop people growing their own food, talk about Communism and the New World Order

  6. New Age Bolshevism ,like in the 20s /30s get rid of all those damn Kulak Bouregois farmers !!!! umm why are we now starving ? Get rid Global warming coal/gas /oil ,ummmmm why dont we have electricity and transport and food ???? ummm what happened ???

  7. I a dream to build the worlds largest coal fired power station in the Timore seas and burn the dirtest cheap coal that cant be burned on land.have ships unload continuously onto this power generation island. Cooling water pulled direct from the ocean and ash landfilled at sea to form a new island. The system is then connected to asia and Australia by HVDC 1MVDC. Looking at how crazy prices are heading thus could become a reality

  8. I am currently paying 22cents including gst in QLD. My sister in Hill Top NSW is paying 30cents including gst a kwh. If you have a big power bill go to Jay Car and buy a current draw meter and go around and check all your appliances and see how much power you are drawing. Swap out that old plasma TV that sucks 1200-1500 kwh a year and buy a new led TV. My 42 inch Tv uses 148kwh a year.
    My house runs on a tank pump, so I paid an extra $200 when I need to replace pump with a pump with a 40lt header tank. So in the middle of the night when people use the toilet it can be flush up to 4 times with the pump coming on. Over the 18 years of being in this house my power uses is about a third. From 6pm to 6am the next morning 6 kwh of power, But I have 2 fridges a pump and bio cycle system that runs 24/7.

  9. I feel lucky to be in Western Australia were we mandate 15% of gas is held for the local market in my suburb close to 70% of homes have solar PV as do I, Ten years ago I invested $3K in solar PV I already had solar hot water and since then have never had to pay 💰 out of my pocket because energy credit in my account takes care of seasonal shortages. A big bill for me is ten dollars 💵 and I have $2K in credits I get paid 7 cents a Kwh I export to the grid and pay 29 cents for each Kwh I import on an annual basis I export ten times the electricity I import. to get the best out of my solar I run the aircon during the day even if the house is empty along with the washer by my calculations I have saved $20K in ten years

  10. Your turning into a real negative Nancy, I know the world is going to hell but it’s depressing seeing constant negative videos. Can’t you find something positive to do a video on? ☹️😖

  11. thats why you need batteries and go off-the-grid! we get the most deer power and gas priced because the resources are own and operated by the multi-nationals and they have shareholders to look after!

  12. The best time to have a nuclear power generation industry is 15 years before you realise you need it. Universities begged and begged for support to create and maintain an commercial nuclear science and technology industry for 20 years. Then came the French nuclear bomb tests and the sinking of the rainbow warrior. All those advocates literally died of old age waiting. That knowledge went with them.
    Enjoy the cold and the dark, muppets

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