Social Credit Scores and Targeted Phone Advertisements

Taken from JRE #1754 w/Suzanne Santo:

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  1. There's already been "social credit scores" in the US for decades. They're called "credit scores". People will be able to get larger loans based on their browser history? That's probably better than people getting smaller loans based on the color of their skin, isn't it? Can anyone explain to me what "redlining" is?

  2. I do assume they are listening. I'm sure they know about the militias. I assume they know we have their address. Where their kids go to school. Their wives activities. They know we are well armed and no longer consent to be governed.

  3. CNN commentators are calling anyone who repeats the "Let's Go Brandon" meme insurrectionists. The original Brandon (who didn't even do anything) had his sponsors abandon him.

  4. My phone brings up things I just casually mention after it's been just sitting next all the time . Or things I'm watching on tv will show up in YT recommended . I have the mic turned off but , it still does it .

  5. I think every single person that owns a smart phone is familiar with what Joe is talking about: seeing an ad after just talking about something. Or getting that thing recommended to you on Youtube all of a sudden. Your phone is listening to you.

  6. There's a guy on utube who literally proves your laptop is listening to you even when it's supposedly switched off !!! He doesn't own a dog or buy dog things for anyone,he then opens up a whole load of different browser's looks at all the adverts then shuts it all down switches it off and closes it,then talks about dog toys and stuff for a few minutes,turns it back on fires up the same browser's and shock horror loads of adds for dog toys dog food vets ext scary stuff !!!

  7. Not only that, if you don't agree to their terms and agree to them, your cut off. It's already a form of social compliance test ranking. You want to rent a car, have insurance, use this phone, use the internet, your agreeing to use it by their terms. Were slaves, were giving away our rights to these devices and technologies, our freedoms, without knowing it, but fully aware at the same time. We crave convenience, to enjoy the broken system this all built on. We have to stop. It's going to be painful and suck, and it going to take years or a event of epic proportions. Because we won't change ourselves overnight, we enjoy shielding ourselves from nature when we need to learn how to stay warm with it.

  8. I think they have more technology for spying on us then people realize especially now I mean Facebook is the new cia we freely give them our phone numbers pictures ssn email address address they know our family members our friends our kids and what we drive even our pets names then we use a 5g phone with almost perfect camera that can record or listen to us you wanna know why you get targeted adds well Facebook is run thru every thing including instagram and the stores you shop at and Facebook and google and YouTube there all buddies so watch what you put online he’ll they even know our conversations now cause everyone uses Facebook messenger now.

  9. It’s not just ads. I was talking about something( won’t go into specifics) that I have never searched beofre and or watched videos on. With in an hour I pulled up YouTube to scroll and watch a little content. That thing I was talking about had several videos in my feed and the ad line was full. It listens 100%

  10. Smartphones and algorithms give you a light trickle of dopamine. Families sit in a room all on their phones/watching TV at the same time but aren't interacting. There hasn't been one thing that capitalises on your quality time than the smartphone and algorithms with junk dopamine. Try switching off the TV and phone and talk to your friends and family in a room and you'll get better quality dopamine hits than the smartphone.

  11. and this is why people should read terms, for example, all data that google is collecting through your google account can be seen and downloaded, it actually is stored and can be accessed through your google account settings.
    You can see what screenshots it saves, what location, messages – of course it is not in very user friendly format and it is huge but you can see it.

  12. Two years ago, I spent a morning speaking to companies in Australia that supply medical gas equipment, which is something I'd never done before or since. My phone (completely unconnected to my work computer) was sat atop my desk, supposedly 'asleep'. Later that day I started receiving Facebook ads for medical gas equipment. Your phone is listening to you CONSTANTLY.

  13. I honestly think it might be kind of fun to see how this unfolds! I'd love to see Joe host a big network TV show where contestants eat bull testicles and jump off buildings with nothing to stop their fall except pavement for a chance to boost their SCS. I think Fear Factor might actually be a good name for it.

  14. For any virtual assistant voice activated system, the device must constantly be listening for the activation word. Therefore the developer of the app that uses voice commands, can theoretically access, listen and record your mic. The phones can access your camera as well, it tracks where your eyes are looking so as to not put the screen to sleep when you are reading a long text. We do give up our privacy in exchange for convenience.

  15. Jamie literally explained it pretty well why you see those ads, how it's worse than your phone just listening, joe just straight reverts back to no they're definitely listening lol

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