Social Media CENSORING Hunter Biden Article!

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  1. "They are all Donald Trump"
    Jimmy Dore keeps adding that nonsensical phrase, so he won't lose half of his liberal subscribers. He would gain many more subscribers if he didn't add the hyperbolic anti-Trump rhetoric. Stop the Trump bashing, Jimmy, you are better than that!

  2. Welcome to 1984 Lefties…These are the people you voted for and lionized. These are your icons. Stop saying "these people are Donald Trump", these fiends are the ones who formed your opinions on Donald Trump. Trump isn't doing this…the Democrats are. The FBI had all this information since last December and if Rudy Giuliani hadn't broken the story, we wouldn't even be talking about it.

  3. Jimmy. Left wing. Right wing. False dichotomy. Same bird. Nothing is right wing or left wing anymore. Censorship is most definitely a feather on both wings. Why the fuck are these like football teams? They're pitting us against eachother. No more wing talk for me personally. Same fucking bird.

  4. Donald Trump is actually paying for people's healthcare, under his executive authority, and discretionary power, under the DoD budget! Genius! He found away around Nasty P'lousy,

  5. I wonder if Krystal from The HILL "Rising" will talk about this. Or, will she try and delect like most lefty journalists as if it's ONLY about a Social Media ban. The ban is just ONE problem. But, its WHAT'S IN THE EMAILS that's worse. Please, don't gloss over this. This guy is might become President in a few months… SMH It's similar to when Hillary deflected the story from her alleged stolen emails so the press could ignored the contents. But, It's not a court of law so theres no need for a chain of custody to expose her lies. The term "RUSSIAGATER" to any reporting journalists should be equalevent to some of the most degratotory racial epithets you could say to a person. The left full of Russiagaters. Emphasis on the "hard" er. at the end of it.

  6. I'm still shaking my head why Trump is your default end all bad person all around. It's abundantly clear to you that the trash sack Democrats for decades have been as bad as Republicans say they are. It's obvious that they're terrible people doing atrocious legislation and war crimes for decades. All this stuff at his absolute worst has been doing this less than 4 years even if everything you think of him happens to be true. But somehow Trump is still the worst. Just accept that Democrats have been the worst for more than 3 decades. Trump is just an opposition to your party preference.

  7. You should read the comments on a facebook post by the BBC or LBC. You'll never see a larger group of bootlickers in one place.

  8. Well good thing the journalists are keeping us from dangerous or harmful information s of course it’s dangerous for joe Biden, but hey whatever. It’s amazing that they hate Trump so much they are willing to completely destroy themselves to destroy him.

  9. Jimmy, can you explain me why you call censorship a right wing (republican) thing? Its authoritarian thing, not right or left. I'm from ex Soviet Union Republic (Ukraine), believe me, the amount of censorship in USSR was bigger than amount of censorship in "evil capitalist USA" since 1776 till now… I understand that we are all biased towards our views, but a lot of people here in US think that only right wing can be EVIL. Most people just know about Hitler and that's it. What about Mao, Lenin/Stalin for example? Those were authoritarian LEFT and they killed way more people than Hitler, but nobody wants to talk about it, even you.
    And by the way, NAZI is – "The National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party". I understand that it's easy to be fooled by teachers or MSM, but evil doesn't have a side or skin color. Fiscally NAZI were left, socially/ethnically – right. USSR was left on both issues.
    I remember in one of your segments you said that there is no such thing as "too much to the left". With all due respect, Jimmy, you are very wrong about that.. In my humble opinion of course.

    P.S. I like watching Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool. I'm fiscally conservative and disagree with many of their views, but I truly enjoy how honest they are. I appreciate what you are doing, CNN/MSNBC and even FOX is a complete joke.

  10. I love how far you're willing to go, Jimmy, but stop shitting on Trump. He doesn't deserve it. He's head and shoulders above any president we've had…who wasn't assassinated! The Establishment assassinates presidents like Trump, but they hate Trump so much that they'd rather just assassinate his character…

  11. Between this story and the revelations about the murder of Seal Team 6 after the fake bin Laden raid, this is not a good week for the Democrats. Heads need to roll.

  12. Big Tech is also censoring facts about how the climate crisis is BS or how Covid is not as dangerous as they want us to believe. Even if all you do is citing sources like the CDC (uneffectiveness of masks), or show real data on temperatures and so on.