Social Media Companies PANICKING Over Trump Executive Order And Its Hilarious

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  1. Doesn't matter if they change it, Trump will still put the exectutive order in place. People are getting tired of censorship and manipulation.

  2. Only because the owner of Twitter is an idiot. If he had half a brain cell working, he could have done it differently. As it is, he's a dumbass.

  3. What's far, far, more disturbing is that people believe their fiction without a thought. It would be one thing if they had some kind of evidence but they present heresay as if it were verified fact. Most of the time the heresay is absurd on it's face and no real anylisis is required to dismiss it.
    This, to me, is one more conclusive piece of evidence that critical thinking is extinct in most of America.

  4. The YouTube app on FireTV doesn't even list FOX under the news section. They list literally every network and even Bloomberg, but to see anything from FOX you have to search or be subscribed and even with a subscription they bury FOX News.

  5. If you believe in freedom of speech is means that unpopular opinions that hurt your feelings get to be expressed and you have no right to censor them or silence them in any dirty rotten trick you can think of. The simple solution is to ha e and encourage and support the ignore function.

  6. Conspiracy isn't necessarily theory when there are facts behind it. Fact checking by sending people to CNN as the ultimate in truth is farcical to say the least. That's where they were sending Trump's tweets.