Social Media Dividing Us

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. … social media, meritocracy, more communication. There was because of ever encrouaching corporate media, two politicazl party systern, demo part and repub part establisment want to kontoll them narrative. They (who) they have been able to twist and shout and do the can can and the hokee pookus,, arm big technnque. Again social media participate in the greate devide. Futher, they (who) are part of the Great Game too. One pint of Guinness, one pint. Waz< a plat deutsch form face, fact book, twitcher,, twitter, instant grams, even U2 was more open,,, Bono could sing,,, 'One man in the name of Gloves,, one man,, April 4th,, one man. Free but ever

    Ever since trumped,,, The Donald got elected. Ever since Trunks got erected,, In orifice a lot of people lost their critique of skill. More ships, call for more censorshops, devisions in parliament, silencers in the balconies,, Booth shot Lincoln. People in burger pbules bubles,, Witches really look at it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.. Just stupid. It is an insult. Never get to the point, talking heads, never, never get to that point,, What point, which one !! Talking point, right-wing talking point,,, Butt,, Again what a revolation a revelation a revolution, again,, as I was saying , with that being said,, then again,,, and in the final penultimate analysis, narcists are ,,, Now Main St Media says Social Media is the great great devide. Purpose of MSM quitie guite quite some time —- > sound clip 02:22

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