Social Media is Destroying Children

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  1. Social media bad. Read books. Go outside. Make friends in person. It's been that way for how long? We change it and everything goes wrong. Big think. 🤔

  2. We've known social media caused mental illness in children and teens for around a decade now. Why is it that people are only up in arms over this now we know the company also knows their platforms are bad? That's full blown retarded

  3. Is there any wonder why newer generations keep coming out more depraved, humorless, and over sensitive. They are being educated by some of the worst persons humanity has to offer. Not to mention is decreasing attention spans on them and turning into addicts who seek approval.

    Worse is that parents let this occur more and more often to the point that is genuinely scary how they do not see OT care that their child is spoiled rotten to the soul.

  4. 99.9% of all social media accounts are created for the single purpose of giving the user validation.

    Facebook knew this when they created, what they call, – The social validation feedback loop, – or "likes" as they are more commonly known, which were created for the single purpose of getting the user addicted.

    The original developers have all admitted knowledge of this addictive quality, publicly admitting many years ago, – that's why they don't let their own children use social media…

    These people are all evil, pure evil. As someone who has suffered from extensive substance abuse problems in the past, I can honestly say that I've never seen a drug more damaging to society, than social media…

    love to ALL, feel no hate

  5. "The most important thing/
    That we've ever learned/The most important thing we've learned/As far as children are concerned/Is never, never let them near a television set/Or better still, just don't install the idiotic thing at all." – The Oompa Loompas

  6. Smart phones are the major problem. For adults and children. If people wanna access Facebook or Instagram they should have to log onto a computer. That way they won't be so obsessed by it. I grew up with facebook. We could access it on the computer. It was a good thing, a way to arrange to meet up with friends to socialise properly. It's phones that are the issue. All phones should just be to call/text with maybe a calculator and the only app should be the snakes game. And it should have buttons, remember them?

  7. It's especially difficult for me to watch this video at the moment of typing this, since Dark Souls 3 is on… And all I can hear is the Fire link Shrine theme.

    Also… "Teenage Girls Body Comparison Study"? What an awful time for girls to be alive.

  8. I deleted Facebook and Instagram last year because they wrecked my relationship with friends and family (politics). Also I felt that Instagram was trying to get me to buy stuff all the time and it was horribly depressing. Now I don’t know what’s going on in anybody else’s lives and people don’t know what’s going on in my life either and it’s fantastic. The less we know about one another, the better

  9. If teens think Instagram stresses them out they should have a look at woke Twitter. Five minutes of that braindead idiocy and I wanna put my head through a wall.

  10. To better understand the bullying aspect of pre teens and teens using social media…it is cancel culture for teens… imagine going through the cancel culture harassment, character a$$asination and social su1cide that adults get from the dems online as pre teens and teens… then having to see your abusers and accusers in the halls/class at school 5 days a week. It's disgusting

  11. I've lost all respect for Sargon after this video. Here we are making a video about the negative aspects of social media, only to be rationalized how it works for him in his own life. What a fucktard.

  12. Can the child pay attention for no more than:
    30 -90 seconds – youtube shorts tiktok
    2-5 minutes – Rocket League
    3-10 minutes – Fortnite

    Quitting at the slightest problem and are physically weak, furious tantrums and spout phrases you have never heard when in fury.
    Howling rage.

    Thats your fault for letting the internet entertain your kids instead of you doing parenting.

  13. the boys are comparing themselves to status markers that gain attractive females, and that status also includes attracting attractive females as a status marker itself. this is compounded by the dating apps where women have access to all males globally and rate 85% of males as unattractive. so it's not as simple as "the ferrari" it's more what that represents and the depression stems from understanding that you will never be able to attract a woman because the top 15% literally will fuck them all, and the women will wait their turn.