Social media is eliminating the interesting people from society | Tim Dillon and Lex Fridman

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Tim Dillon is a comedian and podcaster.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. IDK what these nerds are talking about.
    I've met the most amazing people online.
    If you can't find a world in a grain of sand then I feel bad for you son.

  2. To use a Beatles analogy. It’s like Brian Epstein is the famous one and The Beatles are secondary. Simon Cowell is more famous than his acts. The boring people want a piece of the action and with the flattening (as Tim puts it) they can get it.

  3. Tim Dillon is the definition of a diamond in the rough. He’s so spot on here, spouting ideas many of us have had, but it’s great to see him expressing them so forcefully and confidently.

  4. It seems part of a design plan to make it seem as though the only way to keep in touch w people or market a product or service is to use social media. The world existed before shitholes like Facebook and Instagram and all the others, it will continue to afterwards

  5. A great example of homogenizing effects is in the Youtube comment sections. I find that at least a large minority of comments, jokes, slang etc. look like they were written by 10 people, max. People just regurgitate the same shit over and over to where there is now just several unique stereotypical archetypes from which the rest of the clones siphon their witty quips and insights.

  6. Hard disagree.
    There's a saying "boredom sets into the boring mind"

    With the world's information available at your finger tips, there's never been a time to more interesting.

  7. I live in a college town that used to be full of colorful weirdos. Nowadays most of the kids here are similar to one another. Even the differences between people from different parts of the country have disappeared.

  8. Listen, you're all on here.
    And if you have back and forths on the comments, for trivial points, you're also the person Tim is talking bout.
    And I see many on most comment sections.
    People having full fledged arguments over nothing, correcting each other..😅

  9. It has ALWAYS been the case that the most intelligent are outliers outside the ranks of normal society. Normal, average people HATE the intelligent because they envy them. No normal person wants to be reminded of their inferiority, or have their beliefs questioned. This goes times ten for females, who always seek protection in herds.

  10. Just be yourself, there's no point to fit the mold. The mold will change and you will loose the shape of that mold. If you stay with yourself and everything goes tits up, hey, at least you were yourself.

  11. It isn’t just the effects that social media in particular has on people that’s making them the way they’ve become, it’s also THAT they are on social media, meaning the time they would have put into something like going out to the movies they are instead putting into feeding their addiction to meaningless content. It’s all about time and attention. You SPEND time and PAY attention. And then you get certain outcomes from those contributions. You reap what you sow man. Tim Dillon is someone who I really like hearing because his mind and soul haven’t succumbed to all of the shit that the establishment has been trying to feed us and inculcate us into. Much love Tim, keep that voice loud!

  12. I think he's so so wrong. Just because you see the same crap on most instances story's you can cultivate being weird a lot easier thru groups way outside ofvyourcterritorial boundaries. Do you think they had furries in 1950….? You would be mocked and put in psychiatric care.

  13. As much as I think Tim Dillon is an absolute twat… for once I completely agree 100% with what he's saying in this clip. Really important reminder that the Internet is killing us by interacting in the scariest subtlest ways.

  14. I deleted my social media, I feel in peace I have to carry about things which don't exists. I still have youtube which kinda filled the void but for the past days it became boring, I am gonna try to let it get me annoyed and block it for a few weeks.

  15. I mean how are people supposed to escape from this nightmare. It’s a catch 22. We are naturally social beings but the only way to connect and be a part of our culture now is through isolating ourselves.

  16. "Communication is the greatest destroyer of talent, because it makes everybody like everybody else. And the only way a child can become original is to be shut out of these forces of communication. The only way to do that is to have cruel parents […] The brilliant child […] must be the counterpart to all the forces telling him what to do."

    – Bukowski

  17. Underground is dead. Social media killed it. Now, everyone knows about everything in seconds. You cannot even imagine a place when a friends tells you about, they just shows you a picture and done. Imagination is no more need it. Ugly

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