Social Media is LYING About Mail In Voting, Thief CAUGHT Stealing Ballots From Mailboxes

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  1. If Biden wins the Dems will win back the Senate , have the house will pack the courts, and then ban TIM and all moderates so all hour news will be told by people like don lemonade, Fredo the gangster, and will be fighting for food in a year

  2. If they ban you TimPool, then they lose my subscription, and if they don't want to be challenged on the election then they better keep to the truth, YouTube is expendable, you are not

  3. Nobody wins with mass mail in voting. It was intended to cast doubt on the election integrity so that they have a thin veneer of legitimate claim and weeks of delay to fraudulently massage their numbers when they try to steal it from Trump.

  4. Contrary to common belief, the USPS is NOT a federal agency. They are a private agency with federal subsidies. Why should we trust them with legal documents for the price of two bits?

  5. I am receiving mail in ballots from the previous occupants of my home. One of them died 8 years ago before I bought the house, the other now lives in Colorado.

  6. Ha. YouTube did post a "context" message on this video. States the "all Mail-in ballots meeting validity and eligibility requirements are counted".

    The laughter is trapped in my chest..