Social media manipulation and system corruption (Konstantin Kisin & Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Konstantin Kisin in London about fatherhood, thinking in public, and human extinction.
Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, social commentator, and co-host of the Triggernometry podcast.
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  1. 👍
    4:58…Hold on for a minute…Experts? No, no, on the contrary, as soon people
    call themselves Experts or others do on their behalf, I'm in red-alert mode…👀
    No one is an Expert unless "Expert" means a narcissistic, arrogant, narrowminded
    little weasel.
    I knew that long before CoVid, but I wasn't aware there were so many of them…OMG
    That said, Konstantin Kisin got lots of good points about the corruption, though.
    The only "good" thing is that people/experts aren't hired because they are brilliant,
    they are hired because they are Loyal, and that will bring the whole scheme down
    at some point (one can hope)…But at what cost…
    Correction, you can of course be an expert on manmade stuff,

    say a specific engine, a Violin, playing guitar, and so on.

    Just my two cents, of course.

  2. When I read, or watch TV, I consciously ask myself what are they trying to convince me of, or what are they trying to make me do.
    In these bizarre day's you have to filter everything or you will be manipulated by it.

  3. Why would you argue that we have the same level of corruption in the past with zero evidence? Does he know what corruption means? Things don't become corrupt by default. They become corrupted over time. He's insisting on this point for seemingly no reason, with no justification.

  4. Why is he so insistent on making this argument about corruption while completely incapable of even defining corruption (besides mobsters) or providing even an inkling of evidence of corruption in the past. His entire argument is "I feel like there were probably more mobsters in the government back in the day."

  5. We are still living under the Roman Empire, we have not advanced and we are still dealing with robber barons, people who believe that they have the right to make decisions for others, use authority and weapons to steal from people,,, this goes on frequently whenever the ordinary citizen starts to accumulate wealth….. presently we have institutions that have been designed by the robber barons and we are now witnessing how they use them against us.

  6. I think the only reason we have became more aware of the extent of corruption is because of the typical politician didn’t win in 2020. The other aspect is that there is no accountability for the corruption. “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain”. So we don’t align ourselves with what we know. We align with what we are told.

  7. Brett I agree with you completely on everything you said, especially on Joe Biden not actually being the real president. I don't think Kalama Harris is anything more than Biden, just a face for the public to see, an in reality a puppet and a pawn for those who are actually in charge and controlling the country. I'd be willing to bet that at least some of the people who are directly involved in the massive corruption and deceit that has been and will most likely continues to plague the US, as well Australia, Uk, etc., are people like the incredibly corrupt members of the WEF (world Economic Forum), Hilary Clinton, Obama, to just name a few on the list of those involved. One thing for sure is that democracy will be forever lost if they get their way, a "New World Order", as they call it, which is AKA the end of all freedoms. These "progressive" bullshit politics and these incredibly corrupt democrats and their progressive politicians are pushing propaganda nonsense everywhere, aimed especially at our children. Children is all we have left to save the future and we must protect them, these evil people know that today's children once probably groomed and corrupted are tomorrows evil brainwashed adults, or puppets, who are incredibly easy to manipulate and then control forever.

  8. There has never been in the history of mankind a greater tool for the manipulation and control of the masses than what exists at this time. Trillions of data points have been collected and are being focused towards manipulating the hearts and minds of populations around the world. The systems for auditing and oversight have been lost to those whom the systems were built to oversee and betrayal of the public trust has become standard practice. Governments are tantamount to corporations and the populous is a resource to be gathered, manipulated, tallied, managed, and exploited for the benefit of very very few.

  9. chaos as crises of identity
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    since it creates stripped nekid vulnerable potential implosion
    of grotesque fraudulence
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    being a red flag symptom
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    new billing codes
    to infantilize with
    as regressive culture
    becoming majority
    easily programmed
    herded stampeded
    by neo dogma whistles
    eager to appease vile
    cowardice ear tagged
    feed bag muzzled
    consent by
    stealing the
    reigns of trickery
    as mass media
    from hang
    dog jowl
    pontiffs no
    longer the
    golden shower
    so utterly superficial
    ankle deep in sewage
    the latest spell cast
    upon ignorance
    grouped into
    arrogant fetal
    positions punch
    line shenanigans
    in thrall to the
    vets of deceit
    complete with
    castrated lexicon
    forbidding liberating
    light dissent juvenile
    tyranny committed
    to treachery the
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    charge of the
    tethering device
    business being
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    illicit desire layering
    pathological masks
    by sand bod dungeon
    reach around craft
    claiming to be
    master minds
    of rigged games
    one arm bandit
    infant terrible
    ankle deep yet
    in over their heads
    immortalizing greed

  10. I've seen it this way… there use to be the mafia paying the politicians to get stuff they want done. But over time they saw it more efficient to BECOME the party of the mob to make money and get things done for themselves while cutting out the middleman. Now there are NGO's that come not to the Mob, but come to the party directly to get their wishes put into effect.
    The mafia party is not just the democrat party, that would be too easy, it is covering both, but there is an emphasis on democrat/rino mob with Libertarians and Conservatives (those who are there in both parties that still believe they are there to serve the people, not their own agenda), mixed into that swamp. Trouble is it is becoming very hard to find these good ones on the Left any longer as they see the Left has left them. Not to the same degree but similar has happened on the Right also.

    The Right has the potential to still be salvageable, not so for democrats. I think democrats have to go and a more traditional Left with values is grown afresh by a good portion of the Left that was dropped by the criminal democrat mob.

  11. My test for boots it is simple i use bad language and expresions (curses) that arre verry specific in my language. No boots can understand the subtile meaning of those….

  12. Is it really fair to say that science has recently been co-opted…? The establishment of the AMA and other intellectual 'societies' have led to a narrowing of research to the detriment of the 'people': Covid was (and is) an opportunity to see what has been going on forever: it took Bret by surprise because he had faith in Academia and professional research, hence why he initially believed the nonsense, even though there was ZERO evidence to support it (Diamond Princess anyone?)…

  13. Bret is so right that much evidence is being lost .. I also keep thinking I should preserve certain articles I come across and it gets away from me .. and then I have difficulty retrieving it, but I know it was there at one time. Kisin is so off in his analysis and defeats his own argument at times – never thought much of his intellectual abilities but here he is even more intellectually inept than usual.

  14. Offcourse Brett Socpuppets Are Common in tech World . YouTubers understand bots 🤖 Joe Bidden is a SockPuppet. Digital Tyranny Brave New World. Cut Out Card Board Front Puppet. Brett you are wonderful but I think you need too understand Naive comes to Mind. 🌬💨💨💨🔔🔔🔔

  15. INEVITABLE Technocracy Tyranny. Sock puppets 77th Brigade British Etc ISRAELI Intelligence extremely powerful Technologies. 👁👁1984 Warning ⚠️ ….🔔🔔🔔Anonymous Anonymised 👺🤡👺🤡👺

  16. In fifty years time when every single person on the planet who can remember the pre internet smart phone days are gone. Only a very few people will know/ understand what reality actually is. Everybody else will live a fictional version based on what those few want to present to them.

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