Social pressure to not reveal any vaccine injury (Lydia McGrew & Bret Weinstein)

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Dr Lydia McGrew is an expert in philosophical epistemology. She discusses with Bret how one can determine what is true about the Covid Vaccines and what results from them.

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  1. I'm still suffering from numbness and tingling on the right side of my face and scalp since I got the 2nd shot 9 months ago. It has slowly gotten better but it's still there. I'm horrified by what happened to Eric Clapton, and have a friend who is "boycotting" his music due to his antivax stance, I pointed out that the man took the vax…but he blew that off with a shrug!

  2. My brother (50) has had quite a severe reaction with burning sensations on skin in different areas following first injection. Completely dismissive that it could be linked, even though he went from perfect health to having current symptoms within days of the injection. He is trying to get an exemption now which appears to be inordinately difficult.

    I have had two injections, then got COVID and am no longer convinced on the benefit Vs the risks of having a third injection.

    I have been surprised by the strong feelings of some friends on the matter. Very decisive.

  3. My first Concert was Cream at the brand new forum in Inglewood California. 1968
    White Room, Eric Clapton was mind blowing.

    This story is horrific and I watched Clapton talk about it, makes me sad. Thank you Bret. You’re an awesome character. BTW-I have the same disorder as you. I think, dyslexic ADD chunks of thinking. I watched you talk to Heather about your thought process.

    I know that when you talked about it, I can relate to what you’re saying when you’re saying it.
    However I can’t go back and explain the process to anyone or myself.

    How much for a couple of 30 minute sessions with you. You could help me out. Maybe? Cheers

  4. Honestly, the way people are dismissing and gaslighting those with vaccine injuries takes me right back to when I outed my abusive boyfriend and was not beloved by many people. I was even harassed by a few of them. And I had very real proof of the abuse, including bruises on me, a police report and a neighbor who heard the worst of it. People are willfully ignorant.

  5. I know it was really sad what happened to Eric Clapton as well as the brutality, the mental torment and abuse that people perpetrated upon him simply for telling the truth. That includes all the people in the mass formation psychosis … I'm just happy he's still on planet Earth. And I certainly hope he can heal from this toxic injection

  6. Thank you for putting some truth out there. The wickedness of the world is showing itself.
    2 Thess. 2:11
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  7. Bret said he feared nothing would stop this (pro-vaccine) train. But if the Indiana insurance company’s data about excess deaths stands up to analysis, that’ll pull the emergency cord. Ditto the CCCA’s analysis of the Pfizer adverse events data. Ditto the deaths of athletes. Ditto the displacement of delta by the milder omicron, weakening the benefit of a protective vaccine. Ditto the widely watched Joe Rogan interview of Dr. Malone.

  8. The problem is the reporting systems and proving vaccine injury! It is so the wrong the way round and that is what the vaccine producers rely on! No liability!

  9. A good part of me really wants the Karens and woke trolls of the world who willingly and with severe cognitive dissonance took the vaccine to really get ill from the vaccine. They truly deserve it and I really don't care what people think about this stance. If they throw us under the bus, they wholeheartedly deserve the same treatment in return. I'm tired and totally over their bullshit.

  10. When people ask stupid questions like "why don't you trust the government and science and just get the jab"? IT'S BECAUSE OF CRAP LIKE THIS!!! Zero chance I get the Covid vaccine, too much shady crap surrounding everything to do with it and it's been that way since day 1. Hell, it's been crooked before day 1 because we all know this pandemic was planned lol

  11. The first mistake is assuming anyone has a right to free speech anymore. That's being systematically constrained every day with the enthusiastic help of the big tech platforms in collusion with governments. Hell, Jen Psaki said as much during a press briefing.

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