Socialist Group Cheering Censorship Gets Banned From Facebook w/Glenn Greenwald

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Executive summary : censorship is bad, both from a principal and a pragmatic point of view.
    And it most certainly is anti-puppite (watch Craig's News Live for in depth analysis)

  2. Karma. It's a wonderful thing. Although I have to admit this is a very troubling situation. This will not stop with the far left anymore than it did with the right wingers…. something must be done to protect freedom. What to do? I have no idea.

  3. Stop putting your faith in other humans, for they will fail you EVERYTIME.

    Search for Jesus the REAL Jesus and be ready for his soon return. 🙂

  4. Not sure I agree with Glenn re why these Goons started to censor. I think all platforms where Free Speech until they had the data and then power to be able to shape Humanity. As soon as they had that, then the lights get turned off. This is the Great Reset of your ability to communicate, think and live. Does anyone else think the lockdowns could possibly be an ends to the means? If you don't comply they will literally turn you off. The thing they sold you as convenience will now be your captor. Time to get off the platforms and do a Social Media version of Game stop…

  5. Let's not be fooled here… we all know facebook did this in order to appear unbiased… next time Zucker is called into Congress he will be like: look, we banned left and right.

  6. In the US "The Left" was disabled in November 1963 and hasn't been represented ever since. Individual lefties have been getting their accounts deleted by right wing, neoliberal, Israel-supporting social media companies for MANY years. I'm one of them, banned from Twitter and Facebook… oh, and the Guardian.

  7. "The Left" is personified only by Jeremy Corbyn here. Nobody else gets a look in. Silicon Valley is NOT the left. The US media is NOT the left. Biden's Dems are NOT the left. Israel is NOT the left. All this shit in the same toxic rats' nest are self-seeking vermin. Labelling them "the left" is to swing wildly, not connecting with your punches. So they're free to pick you off with their "hate speech" jabs.

  8. Good job YT will never do this to excellent channels like this one. <sarcasm> There's little point in trying to claim we live in shitty times, the root problem is human nature itself. We are creeps, the vast majority of people are creeps.

  9. The funny thing is the cheer censorship and then are mad when it happens to them and talk shit about people supporting it. They are the ones that were supporting the censorship in the first place. It’s mind boggling how clueless so many of these people are

  10. I am deleting both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. And I won't go back to social media until it is using decentralized secure blockchain technology. Censor me? No, censor you.