Socialists Are Bad People, @Shoe0nHead

Why is it acceptable to plan a violent revolution on #Twitch and why are so many people like Anthony Fantano, ShoeOnHead and YourMovieSucks happy to pal around with these people?


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  1. I watched her content years and years ago, and she just struck me as someone who wanted to be edgy. Essentially vapid and superficial, merely pandering with no real understanding of the views she parroted. Not surprised that she's turning into a tankie.

  2. It was called National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – NSDAP. Göbles published Der Nazi-Sozi in 1926. It is and always was SOCIALISM! They were called by themselves and others nazi-sozis for years until others shortend it to nazis by the early 30s in newspaper titles. To hide socialism or to have a more catchy phrase … who knows … dig into history yourself. Early 30s germany news wasn't much different as to MSM in america today … so people have to make up their own mind.
    Like S0H is also free to change her mind … not everyone can live or die on principal most will cave.

  3. With all this currency printing, I do not see how either party is "against property theft" since currency printing causes inflation, which is theft of one's purchasing power. Just wish that people who are not speaking up against Stimulus (a form of Socialism) would realize that pointing fingers at someone else doing the same thing is quite telling.
    Socialism Lite is apparently okay since it is by a faux-servative.

  4. I mean can't you like people and not agree with their politics. Or like people and not associate with everything they associate with. I mean i can have a friend who is a drug addict but that doesn't mean I'm injecting heroin with him behind the arbys dumpsters. For real can it just be okay to get along with people.

  5. How many times can ya say "like" in one fucking sentence.
    What do these people think their lives will be like under such rule?
    If everything is owned by the state in order to apply all resources equally, a bloody pipe dream, do they not realise they will also have less?!

  6. Just wait till the memorandum gets passed for the cutting of federal funding to states and cities promoting anarchy. Antifa and BLM fucked with the money. In short living off borrowed time.

  7. 12:18

    "Socialism is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever created."

    I don't know how I didn't see this fascist rhetoric when I was a fan of him. He claims he hates fascism while perpetuating fascist fear-mongering. To ANY normal person, fascism is much more scary then socialism. But clearly, Sargon doesn't find fascism that scary comparatively. I wonder why…

  8. These revolutionaries have no idea how bloody a civil war would be and how badly they would be defeated. It's insane how detached from the real world people's beliefs can render them.

  9. Love how shoe was mentioned for like 10 minutes and then never popped up again. seriously you showed one tweet where she failed to answer a question which I agree was bad, but the rest of the video you showed no proof for the rest of your arguments all you showed was other socialists acting fucking crazy. I can't believe anything you say unless you're going to show me objective proof.

  10. Also burning the American flag is completely legal, it is a form of protest which is allotted to us in the first amendment. I personally am against flag burnings, but it is a form of protest and part of the first amendment nonetheless. Trump saying that we should lock people up who burn the flag is low key fascism (and I do not use that word lightly, believe me).

  11. they want a revolution? they can have a revolution! then we have silence once and for all!
    i have a family to protect, you say it…. if they keep coming: empty your mag, reload and keep shooting!