Russian forces took control of the strategic city of Soledar. This poses a critical threat to the northern supply line of the Ukrainian garrison in Bakhmut. Now the Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut depends on the strength of the 2nd line.

Defense Politics Asia Map:

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  1. The western media in particular the marxist american propagandist are still pushing the lie that soladar is in Ukrainian hands.if you listen to the corrupt biden regime Ukrainian is winning the war an are destroying all things russian.this channel is one of the only fair an balanced information there is to get true facts and information.

  2. Ukraine: captures some small villages
    Media: a strategic win and a crushing defeat for Russia
    Russia: captures a fortified supply hub very important to several major cities
    Media: Russia spent thousands of men in wave tactics for a useless objective


  3. Instead of continuing the frontal attacks against the Ukrainian defense lines that are prepared for the last 8 years for exactly this, Russia should go around it, and strategically encircle that entire Donbass area, go behind Sloviansk, Kramatorsk.

  4. While you seem to be promoting russian propaganda, you have not mentioned how many months the mighty russian army have been trying to capture Bakhmut and the heavy troop loss they suffered.

  5. Someone should make a map of Ukrainian cities fighting where you can put a geo location tag of videos posted by the fighters, BUT it is 4 day delayed so the fighters will be able to post without revealing live location.

  6. Nope !….They don't realize what UAF has done so I don't expect you would either…………………..Only now are some news media asking if Wagner was lead to Soledar as a trap……Yes …Wagner is in control of 5 sq miles of evacuated buildings with UAF entrenched just West of the town Wagner and Russia is arguing over who won…….I guess they have not faced another serious military for so long that they fail to realize they just "'won "" a kill zone ….Enjoy what happens for the next few days…..LOL……))

  7. Russians must be fighting with swords and halberds by now because CNN told me they were running out of ammo months ago.

    CNN wouldn’t lie would they?? 🤔

  8. This channel is called History Legends LMAO….And 4 days after UAF retreated to fortified positions on the West front…..Wagner celebrated their ""capture"" of 5 sq miles of an empty town…..where Wagner has been led to an artillery kill zone….reminds me of the media blackout in Sept and Russian media reported huge wins……as UAF walked over them in the North like they were nothing more than orange street pylons….LOL

  9. I love listening and watching you video on the Russian and Ukrainian was you give out news that the main media will not give and you put out video contents that the main media will not put out there keep up the good work

  10. I heard this morning that the Ukraine soldiers are suffering from Tuberculosis. As they move them from place to place, they infect more soldiers. Time for Ukraine to come to the peace table. If they don't, how is the West going to explain their certain demise?

  11. I like how some of the clips you show of Russian troops “advancing” are actually part of a longer video of Russian troops getting clapped.

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