Solo Along The Ukrainian-Russian Border ( One Day Before Invasion )

🇺🇦 A week now seems a lifetime ago in terms of the rapidly changing events in Ukraine. I arrived in the country thinking to myself ‘Putin isn’t mad enough to invade because the Ukrainian people will fight to the death for their country. It will be like Stalingrad.’ And yet I was completely wrong to underestimate his insanity. Now as I write this the people who I met in this video are living under bombs and bullets. Unbelievable how much suffering Ukrain e has gone through in its history.

I could write so much but I will leave that until my next video. In the meantime I wish the people of Ukraine well and hope for their safety in this terrible war 🇺🇦

Written by bald and bankrupt


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  1. what invasio? russians didnt drop bombs like they say so. I see many videos of russians rockets MLRS and i dont see citys or Kiev on fire, when MLRS explode, we all know how it looks like. Just manipulation to put down Putin

  2. Man, this is one of the shortest and strongest of your video of all time. Decpite the suffer and terrible mistakes, congrats to you as a journalist, your long way to the (i dont know this words in English, but i know that you know it in Russian) самому острому, самому символичному и глубокому видео have been succesfully finished. All my hopes only about peace, and i wish you will never shot videos like this in the future.

  3. I always said i wanted you to go to poland but that is not at all what i was talking about….. Dude if you join and fight i will fly there and join with you

  4. Your age is showing, referring to it as "The Ukraine". It is simply "Ukraine". I think the "the" dates back to when the USSR was intact, though I'm not sure if it was ever actually accurate or just how those in the West – or at least the USA – referred to that region of the USSR.

  5. I've watched your videos from the very beginning and you have shown us all these crazy places and lovely people, and what adventures you've had, watching this and only 24hrs after the invasion began. Horrifying !! Stay safe Ben. Ukraine are in my thoughts and prayers 🇺🇦.

  6. Earplugs are CHEAP. If you know you're going to be overnighting on ANYTHING why not have a pair available? I would expect you carry, toilet paper, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, toothbrush, paste and rinse to begin with. Add a snore suppressor for yourself (Be courteous to others) and at least ear plugs. If you want to be, well, less bankrupt maybe you can buy some noise cancelling headphones or maybe try and secure a partnership with a company like Bose or Sennheiser. Your channel is pretty big now. And the fact that you don't have a sleep mask…I thought you were like the super traveler?

  7. Great videos …I just want to say the fighting is in the north east right now or no? so at the Polish boarder there is no fighting yet…at Lest I think but I'm not there you are ha! thanks for the good info!

  8. 4:12 – LOL. The most subtle Brexit joke ever.

    Please be careful out there, and stay safe. Hoping for peace between everyone involved.

    (there are clearly lots of people on all sides who never wanted this conflict. Many of whom don't have the freedom to speak their minds.)

  9. I was waiting for your next video on this. Scary times… I hope sanity and diplomacy will prevail in the end. But many victims already have been fallen. All my thoughts go out to ALL victims. Ukranians and Russians whose hands are tied and in despair. And hopefully not the rest of the world in the future….

  10. If you could've known at that moment… how powerful and predicting your last words in this video were at that moment. Thank you for capturing history for us. I've always loved your channel since the early days. What you've grown into is incredible and am so grateful for all that you do. Glory to Ukraine!

  11. No one has done more for sharing the everyday reality of the common man and babuska in the eastern countries here on youtube than Ben, Always met with curiosity love and smiles in these eastern territories.

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