Some Seth Rich Updates and “Obamagate”

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Written by Zoon Politikon

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    Best wishes for your grandma and thanks for your good work.

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  3. I like the lighting like this. Amazing black and the contrast is quite artistic. The reflections in glasses really aren't bad. But, if you are concerned with them, there is an inexpensive online glasses service that has an anti-reflective coating that I use. I have fancy frames and it was still less than $70.00. You can find without me spamming here.

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  5. A medical examiner's conclusion that Health and Human Services drug pricing adviser Daniel Best died of multiple blunt force injuries contradicts the official ruling that he committed suicide.
    How does one kill themselves by hitting themselves with a blunt object? Repeatedly?

  6. Alright, I'm probably going to edit my post several times, since I missed the live broadcast and I want to post this as soon as possible.

    I followed the Seth Rich incident closely and did my own investigations. There was an FBI truck with weapons stolen out of it the night of Rich's murder. (No one fails to steal stuff, and then shoots someone) twice in the lower back, Rich was shot (some people say he was shot twice in the back of the head, this is false, as he was still alive and was not DOA at the hospital). His injuries were non-life threatening and police arrived on scene at 4:21am, just a minute or two after he was shot. The problem with this, is that right where Rich was walking, there was construction occurring with a tunnel that went underneath the side of the road, literally on the same block he was shot, across the street–which there is another video on youtube where someone is randomly talking about a completely unrelated topic (basically things they kept seeing in DC, it would be hard for me to find this video again, but I'll try to find it), and they walked through this tunnel whilst filming. They walked into it in daylight, but at night, it would be the perfect place to avoid being seen by any cameras

    I studied google maps satellite extensively with this, and found that only one possible camera could have grabbed some footage of the incident, this camera belongs to a local business. They would have footage of some kind. I was able to see one image from this camera of two individuals, obscured by the darkness, and I only saw up to their chest. No identifying features. Wearing all black or very non-reflective clothing, as the street wasn't lit up much. They both looked male, thin to average builds, young. George Webb did some Seth Rich research too and went around the local area interviewing people. Private residents in DC are paid money if they install a security camera for their house if police can use them, I believe. Or they get some kind of tax deduction. But, there were a total of 71 cameras (of residents) that could have caught any of Seth's movements after he left the two bars he visited that night. Both of these bars, weren't very far from his house, about twenty five minutes on foot. Many more cameras within the route from the bar to his house. The FBI van that had guns stolen out of it was between the bar's and Rich's house, and it was burgled at around 2:00-3:30AM. One of the caliber bullets he was supposedly shot with, was a glock 19, which would have been a 9mm bullet, but without no ballistics report, it is speculation on that.

    What is more puzzling to me about this more than ever, is that one of the hospitals in D.C. is a 2 minute drive from where Rich was shot. That is by regular car. By ambulance I am sure it's 60 seconds to a minute and a half. If he sustained non-life threatening injuries, I don't see how he died. We never saw autopsy. Was not released.

    Also, I am almost damn positive I saw Aaron Rich's LinkedIn as having worked for Crowdstrike and then it was scrubbed from his LinkedIn. It was either LinkedIn or Facebook, where I saw this. It was edited and changed less than a week after the murder.

    Thanks for still covering this. There is also Shawn Lucas, who overdosed from fentanyl and found dead in his bathtub, and he wasn't known as a person who did drugs. Fentanyl could easily be put in shampoo, a lethal dose of it, very easily, or rubbed on a bar of soap, and fentanyl absorbs through the skin. This is a preferred method of "suiciding" someone that the CIA actually uses, because it looks like they just overdosed on fentanyl.

    With regards to the USB, I tested this myself. It was revealed that the total time it took to transfer the files was 87 seconds. I created a custom file of the same size as the emails that were leaked, and using a USB drive, I got within the margin of error of 5% at 91 seconds.

    I also find it odd that Aaron Rich seized possession of Seth's laptop, and MPD and the FBI were apparently, totally cool with that, after Aaron supposedly told them that there was no information on the laptop linking Seth to the leaked DNC emails…

    …and if someone who is investigating gets shot at, gets their car destroyed…they're probably on the way to discovering the truth. Only people trying to cover up a massive crime would be so malevolent.

    It is on record that the DNC destroyed their email server but made a replica for the FBI to investigate….which is complete sabotage of evidence.

    If there's any evidence, the NSA would have it. The NSA does not, ever…throw information away. Part of the intelligence arm of the "government" (deep state really), is to keep and hold all information and communications, as they can use it for blackmail, extortion, etc. They would even have all information about 9/11 still. They know they can keep this information hidden. They do not like to destroy information. It's part of their core beliefs. With the eye of providence they believe that all-knowing is important, thus, they do not destroy any information.

  7. I like your new setup. The dark contrast is more flattering than White on Whiter. Interesting. I love ur news reports. Have a nice week. You look great!!! Hopefully getting some rest by now? Peace

  8. Three years later is Seth Rich's family still satisfied with the progress of the investigation and is the spokesman for the family still a DNC lawyer

  9. thanks for keeping the notion of "justice" alive, by suggesting that an 'Obamagate' investigation should broaden to include Dubya's war crimes, etc! I'm sure that Trump would welcome it, but whether Barr takes it up or not is another question. I would think that probing the origins and involvements in nine eleven might prove to be hazardous to one's health, considering that 'fast & furious' was probably launched for purposes other than those given, possibly even the arming of MS13 hit squads!
    Great work, thanks for posting this!

  10. should try a plasma ball in background with this set/lol?could set mirrors up around room..good to be back..that was a long three months of silence?bat snot plague,sequel3, has held up the book box..?

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