Some stories diagnose a system (from Livestream #143)

Journalism is completely dead.

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #143 (originally streamed live on Sep 24, 2022):

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  1. Furthermore, any scientist accused of politically incorrect conclusions will punished, as well as their allies. Anyone disagreeing with the moral superiority of nuscience, which will be only called science, will be punished.

    The Science

  2. Hm, it seems that the fields got dominated by some invasive species.
    At the other hand if you look at what happened to CNN + maybe the real journalist moved on to the greener pastures.
    Not long ago the main stream media was overwhelming focused on a stained dress with no real effect on the stainer.
    At the very time the gov quietly admitted selling illegal drugs to American citizens. No media coverage whatsoever.
    Now you have multitudes of independent information sources and that makes it easier to spot patterns.

  3. I'd like to differentiate independent journalists from corporate media. But if we're talking about corporate media, yep. Pretty much dead as a door nail.

  4. Yes yes yes..Brett you had your finger right on it. Nested hierarchies …and that everything we thought were good and right have now become the wolf inside the sheeps clothing…Science, Universities, Media companies/journalism…hospitals are killing places now not healing places…medicine, ditto, .our political representatives no longer represent us….EVERYTHING why? Because incentives and incentive structures were put in place and led to this.
    I would LOVE to hear what you think we need to do with the Constitution to guard against evolution or maybe I mean Devolution????

  5. No Climate change here in Australia everything are green. The nature are eating all the Carbon dioxide
    Genesis 22:8 God promise no global change.
    The News are bought we have a news person when he told the truth, he was moved out. When you have Money like fes b gate $130. Billion people are payed off

  6. We have been saying that Journalism Died in 2008 when Obama Won. We kept saying: Media Bias and you All didn’t take us serious! It was SO Obvious to us. It amazes me how some of the smartest people like these two didn’t see it sooner? Welcome to Reality Brett!

  7. Great video, hits the facts on the head. Noticed the same things in my own country. Important national institutions like higher education are a target for political activists.

  8. I don’t think journalism is completely dead. There are real journalists but they’re not working for legacy media companies. They work independently or work for media agencies like Rebel News. To work for a legacy media outlet would mean becoming a shill for MSM, and by extension, a propagandist for the government.

  9. The “fix” for the Constitution would be to remember that the 10th Amendment IS RIGHT THERE, and hasn’t been repealed.

    90% of what the federal government does the days is in direct violation of the 10th Amendment.

    Wickard v Filburn is right up there with Dredd Scott and Roe v Wade as disastrous for our nation and as individuals.

  10. It does have a name, it’s called a technocratic fascist dictatorship. Please look into graphene, and how it is being used to push and consolidate the transhuman agenda. Also look into Elana’s book Engineered transhumanism and the weaponization of the atmosphere

  11. The lab coat analogy catches my attention today! There is a therapy clinic in my office building who makes the employees all wear medical scrubs, even though that is not common in our world. I helped supervise the owner of this clinic during her final internship, and know her to be a really poor therapist. It took her 4 tries to pass her board exams, which really are not all that hard. More recently I've come to believe the reason for this is that she is a sociopathic narcissist who is incapable of any form of empathy. She was giddy and happy when she found out my clinic partner had died unexpectedly, from whom she had previously embezzled from. The reason I know this is that less than an hour after hearing of my partner's death, I found her up in our suite snooping through my partner's office! She has the gall to tell me she came up "to share love!"

    This current practice of hers was built by years of electronically stealing referrals sent to my partner. Not surprisingly, she has very high employee turnover, provides mediocre therapy and bills for unnecessary services… BUT… they all wear scrubs so the parents think they are getting good care for their children! It drives me nuts to see it happening, but there's nothing I can do about it other than focus on being what they are not!

  12. 2 minutes to spare and you finally mention Stanley Milgram's lab coats and obedience studies repeated all over the world. We're conditioned to submit which is why science is used as weapon instead of illumination. No force but unconscious conditioning. Now why does Putin have to be insane? To explain everything the US is doing and has done, he has to be. The US and western media are wearing figurative lab coats to sustain the logical fallacy of "my opponent is clearly insane," because I have no real argument against what he's saying. Ad hominem, guilt by association and argument by authority dominate US discourse now because they have to.

  13. Heather, stop being so disagreeable to over-compensate for being a woman, or Bret's wife…. something. But I do appreciate opposing viewpoints. So never mind, carry on, Dear. Thank you both, all jokes aside.

  14. Curious coincidence, someone just mentioned they were looking for an old archive of Wikipedia, before a lot of articles got deleted. Someone replied, "I understand why you would want older content from Wikipedia. Even Wikipedia's co-founder doesn't like the direction they're headed. [See] Larry Sanger's website."

  15. Now step way back and imagine you're Native American or African American and your entire culture tried to erase you or reduce you to animal status…all very scientific…the system's been skewed for quite awhile, depending on who's being stepped on….

  16. You two need to expand your consumption then.

    May I suggest Whitney Webb and her outlet Unlimited Hangout.

    Cory Morningstar as well.

    That’s just a couple of tips. There are many courageous truth-tellers out there – you just have to look for them. Turn your gaze from exclusively mainstream media.

    Many of these alternative media sources have been way ahead of the issues you discuss – and you to be honest. The Last American Vagabond for example.

    There are no excuses. Especially for two people who have been somewhat shunned from the status quo…

  17. You guys have spotted it.
    The media is the key to sabotaging western civilisation.
    All over the world the media actively propagansdise for government, for the UN, the WHO, Big Pharma and most amazingly, for China.
    The FBI corruption should lead to at least 85% of news outlets pursuing the story to the point where both sides agree to take extreme measures to regain the ethical security agency intended.

  18. Haven't listened to it yet.
    Trust they touched upon the Canadian Broadcasting Company's union demanding journalists of First Nations that they shouldn't be required to report news in a non biased manner since their ancestors were subjected to cultural genocide.

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