Some Thoughts on Wokeness and Shame in light of events.


Written by Eric Weinstein

This is channel is constructed as a convenience to those who may have heard me speak or read something I've written and who may have become interested in my thoughts on Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Atheism, Faith and their roles in Science, Radical Approaches to Education, Risk, Longevity, Selection and Biology, Professional Wrestling and other topics. Some thinking from work done by myself while at INETeconomics, Thiel Capital, The Sloan Foundation, Harvard University, MIT, Hebrew University, Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania and the NBER


  1. Bowing down to black people because of White Supremacy is actually morally repulsive. (To insist that there is any such thing as white supremacy is to suggest that there is something about white people that can or does make them supreme.)

    When white people bow to black people, they are performing Jesus washing the feet of his disciples in His infinte capacity to love and give grace.

  2. The problem with college students and young people generally is that they don't know that they are actually as dumb as a box of frogs. If they could "wake" to this fact, they might eventually attain to a degree of wisdom.

  3. 0:35 What odd tweet did Eric see?
    2:35 In what environment do we live in?
    3:30 What is the strange game?
    4:20 What are the bizarre things that have to do with knees at the moment?
    6:18 In what world are we living in?

    This took some of my time to create.
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  4. Amazing how these self identified Progressives who are responsible for pushing a radical agenda on a generation of impressionable minds now feign surprise that the poison they taught for years has found a home in former students. You honestly thought the leftism that you crammed down the throats of your former pupils wouldn't germinate into the identitarianism that you now claim to decry(and profit from)? The only karmic justice is the rabid anti-Semitism that the left embraces is entirely the fault of you and your ilk. Well done Weinstein brothers.

  5. I saw Eric tell a litteralist of the Atrological Chart that she may be on to something…tell her the Turth man, it's a Personality Science that is Ancient and we have psychology now to connect it with…you Steal from the Jung

  6. Groveling and the shame fest ties into tribalism and need for identity. We need courage to transcend our weaker drive to belong at all costs. The cost is too high. Looking at what Mary Trump has done with her book. She’s stood up to name this dysfunctional dynamic in her family and similarly what has over taken and weakened humanity. It’s not just President Trump who has shame and trauma. It’s most of humanity. We adapt by dominating or being dominated unless we look deeper to the trauma that soaks our past.
    I vote for moral courage to stand in the ambiguity for equality. That healthy revulsion you talk about is important. But for those who haven’t worked through their trauma they can’t afford to stand alone.

  7. I believe it is a full spiritual battle of good and evil the kneeling is biblical to see if people will kneel for other than creator. The awakening of people is to a more heighten awareness of good and evil.

  8. When we look at our own histories we all had forebears who were enslaved, held in feudal servitude, in class poverty….all taking the knee to people more powerful than they.

    No way will I get on my knees to anyone, esp. black racists.

  9. I just found Eric due to Ted Cruz's Verdict where he was a guest speaker. I'm enjoying Eric's thoughts and realize there can be more in common between Progressives and the Right that is good and part of the American Project. Subbed.

  10. Thank you for this. I am not well developed in my oratory skills, a deficiency I am working on. You clearly are very good at it, and everything you've said is what I wish I could express to others.
    I learned physics in college, but not much about how to speak and convince people of very difficult concepts. I have subscribed to your feed and I look forward to hearing more.

  11. I think we're probably living through a glitch in the simulated video game we were created in… but seriously, it FEELS like it. The madness is insane!

  12. The lefty Seesaw is how I view it. Dogmatically conditioned, they wake up to enough of their shadow to know they don’t like what they see, realise they’ve been living a lie, and understandably want to make change. But they only have their already fragmented and dogmatic psyches as a referential framework, so right/wrong conditioning immediately labels it as bad and attempts to destroy it. They swing to the opposite extreme in an act of shameful denial and push a new ego identity as liberal. The great irony being that their acts are an embodiment of the same black and white thinking that they believe they are rebelling against, just applied elsewhere, and so still reinforcing the trauma they are attempting to heal. Doh!

  13. I hope the silent majority shows up in force, or speaks up. We’re not racist, and we’re getting fed up with woke crap and the ultra left agenda (aka say anything to get your vote and keep the power).

  14. Making a spurious comparison between BLM, a movement protesting against racist police violence, and Kristallnacht, an action supported by a racist state and its police force at the the time, is breathtakingly offensive. Shame on you.