Someone Is Lying One Way or Another

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A staffer from the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., confirmed in exclusive audio from Libs of TikTok that it performs so-called gender-affirming hysterectomies on girls younger than 16 years old. Note how they offer “we don’t provide hormone therapy before puberty begins” as an excuse. Children during puberty are still children. It’s incredibly terrifying that this needs to be explained.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. I'm worried about the next generation once all these kids who had been transitioned by their parents become adults. I'm sure we've heard this before, but as growing up I know girls who were boyish and boys who were girlish in primary school, but once they got into high school grew out of it, some keeping the same personality. These parents are mentally ill.

  2. It's coming to light
    It's all coming to light
    more and more revelation
    shocking how pervasive the evil hand
    nothing new to the order of the plan

    technology brought the lights up dramatically
    definitely more to come.

    the light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us
    only that day dawns to which we are awake
    there is more day to dawn


  3. What they need to do is actually make a consultation go in for the consultation ask extensive questions with and undcover camera and the proof would have audio and video. Some real investigative journalism follow the story farther than just a phone call. Faces names and audio all in one shot with the confirmation.

  4. SBG: Matt's cult is better than the gender cult. It'll save you some body parts and systems.
    Matt: I may force you to do a meet and greet with Ben Shapiro, though.
    SBG: B-B-But his mere presence is dangerous!!!

  5. I can't imagine my 13 &14 yr.o. kids having body parts altered/remove. #1. All Surgeries are risky, & a Hysterectomy has VERY serious complications. To put a kid through that is Insane!! #2. You as the parent are supposed to teach them to LOVE themselves & help them list their great qualities.
    Is this really the system's way of sterilizing all of these people? (& I'm not being hyperbolic).

  6. And what's WORSE to perform a hysterectomy on women is akin to that of female circumcision. It is ENTIRELY barbaric – it should only be prescribed to actually SAVE A WOMAN's LIFE.

    If you understand that in the Western society OBGyn Gold Stnd of practise is only based upon a 100yr old UNPROVEN theory of Urodynamics.

    It's unconscionable to think that an OBGyn doesn't even understand nor are they taught how does the female pelvis work?

    Pls refer to the ONLY clinical published >80% proven theory called The Integral Theory by Prof Peter Petros that proves how the female pelvis works. He has proven beyond any doubt that performing a hysterectomy upon a woman let alone a child can leave her with a HIGH PROBABILITY of acquiring Chronic Pelvic Pain & also to suffer from pelvic dysfunction for the rest of her life.

    Hysterectomy is all about cutting the UTERAL-SACRAL ligament which effectively SEVERS the pelvic tent rope. What happens to a tent if you cut the ropes or OVERSTRETCH them? So to the female pelvic tent it collapses & it has been CLINICALLY PROVEN BY OVER 80% BY Prof Peter Petros an Australian OBGyn that published the ONLY PUBLISHED THEORY of how the female pelvis works. Whereby this is the LAST UNCHARTED AREA OF THE HUMAN BODY? The female pelvis & how it functions.

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