Someone Just ILLEGALLY Cheated Against Black Pro Trump Republican, This Is INSANE

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  1. There's a campaign manager well known for doing just this same sneaky trick. He worked for Ted Cruz in the last election & pulled the same trick against Ben Carson in the Iowa primary. Find out who he's managing & you'll know the Campaign responsible. ?

  2. According to Joe Biden, the gentleman in question cant be black, because he supports Trump, and therefore he (the black gentleman) doesn't exist.

  3. I voted for Byron because of this news and he won. And the dems constant attacks against Trump has forced me to Vote for Trump maybe he will win as well.

  4. Using exploits are usually considered cheating In most aspects of life, from entertainment & escapism to competitive sports and education. That's just the beginning of it.

  5. The demonRats don't want blacks, or anyone for that matter, to know they were and always have been the pro-slavery party-now they want ot do it under a socialist regime

  6. We're all being played. Whether you watch this channel or not.
    We're all blind. The only thing we can do now is change ourselves. That's what all religions have been saying for thousands of years.
    It's the only thing we CAN change.

  7. Something like this happened at a caucus I went to in Iowa in 2016- some guy came up on stage and made an impromptu announcement that Ben Carson made a decision to drop out, but Carson never actually announced anything officially. Really weird stuff.

  8. Democrats: "We care about racial issues and tackling systemic racism."
    Democrats to blacks who support Trump: "CHAIN HIM UP AND GIVE 50 LASHES."

  9. When you are the good guy by default then nothing is off the table everything you do is just, good and righteous. They are brainwashed to think they are the good guys.