Someone Just Tried To POISON Trump, Ricin Package Confirmed By Law Enforcement And Blocked

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  1. Time to start arresting democratic congress critters for insurrection and incitement to violence. A clear statement needs to be made by federal authorities that NO TOLERANCE for this type of hyperbolic rhetoric will be condoned to allow political violence to continue,

  2. To force an ideology upon another is wrong. To allow to happen is wrong. So what do you do with todays society. When its allowed and forced, in media and society today. Our society is truly flawed. Our founders are turning over like wtf. And talk of civil war, a war that no one can win. Brother against sister, brother against brother and so on. Enough is enough.

  3. They have already tried to assassinate President Trump 26 or 27 times. Remember all the hoo haa about not going to the commemoration in France for the U.S. soldiers and marines killed during World War One due to the weather? That was a foiled attempt too. They bag him every time about his hair whenever it's brought up. It was a lot more serious than that. Congrats on the move Tim. Hope you & your family can feel safer & rest easy.

  4. I have been trying to leave. I request prayer. A person is trying to take my dead moms mobile home from me without payment. Please pray that they pay me and let me get my mom and my belongings from it without having to get an attorney. I don't have the money. Thank you.

  5. It’s not going to be a full blown civil conflict. But I would NOT be living in any Democrat run city if I were you. That includes the burbs surrounding those cities as well.

  6. If you can help share this video or livestream in the comments of big media Facebook pages share it into the echo chambers they are in to reach out and help someone that is on the edge

  7. Secret service WILL find them..just a matter of how the phony ass news will try to twist who the actual shit bird was who endangered lives to make their dizzy ass point.?????

  8. lol Someones gonna enjoy prison for life. They ain't no Ted Kazinski…there gonna be caught within the month. What a f'in waste of life. Wish I could take and give life like the guy in Carnivale. So many scumbags i'd love to RIP it from…. so many innocents that deserve a chance at life.