Someone STOLE Tucker Carlson’s Evidence Of Biden’s Corruption, Media DESPERATE To Bury Biden Scandal

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  1. The segment was a setup to lull the left…..the copies of the docs will be revealed soon. Possibly Monday night before the election on Tuesday.

  2. There's no freaking way they'd have been dumb enough to send the originals and not copies. I can guarantee you someone close to Trump has the originals. Guaranteed. They've only delayed the release a little bit.

  3. lol no he didn't say that at all. he said the copies that were sent never arrived. not that he doesn't have copies at all. he said quite the opposite actually. USPS also just said "they have located it" – basically, the FBI already has this info so they gave the docs back, probably.

  4. As I understand it Trump didn't order money withheld the intelligence agencies put a hold on the money because of a change in the head of state in the Ukraine

  5. It is ODD that they didn’t make copies before sending, or the original source cannot send more. I doubt Tucker was sent the original and only copies of whatever he was sent.

  6. Here is the odd thing. I was watching Tucker on Youtube, and the comment is filled with people all saying the same exact thing. Accusing him of saying he is like a kid who said his homework was eaten by a dog, and that no one will believe. because no journalist would send documents with out copying. I kept quiet, but was thinking, he never said he lost the only copy.

  7. Why he didn’t assume that the marxists are sneaky bastards that will steal anything and hide fhe evidence next to his ballsack is beyond me. The democrats have been in the process of openly looting the country for over three months. Of course they stole it.

  8. I'm sick and tired of crooked assholes getting away with commiting crimes. Why should anyone follow the law when they don't have to? Either hold them accountable or do away with all laws.