Something bigger is happening here…

Something bigger is happening here…

In this video, we cover how in one week protesting has gone from being shamed to being encouraged by the establishment and what you should know about that.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Your country is being infiltrated has been for years by communists,they want to destroy your democratic society from the inside thanks to your democratic socialist party.
    This is what your president is trying to save his country from

  2. Take a knee and Bow to the new Satanic Media Gods that sacrifice children at their Planned Parenthood's to keep DemonCrafts in Jew York in power and Dominion over world Currency

  3. 90s & 2000 babies all grew up watching violence on TV, we love the thrill of it man, cannot blame anyone for it they’re all engineered to be this way

  4. Dear Luke, thank you so much for just BEING HERE and bringing this out… Without people like you helping me to reflect on all this, I would go insane.

  5. Hello from Switzerland, just asking:
    I mean, I don't want to put any pressure on you or something, I'm just a TINY little bit concerned because this VERY big bucket full of sh…is starting to pour all over the world. If I was there with you, I probably would like to take some ACTION? Any plans??

  6. No concerts, no city events, no live happenings… damn. Oh wait, staged riots are an exception… I must 've missed something along the way in the Dark Suit's agenda ???

  7. This whole thing. Demonstrations, violence, the Corona. Everything is something set up by elite and its disgusting. And unfortunately the majority of the people here are too fucking stupid to see it and fight each other instead of fighting the real enemy. The Elite – the establishment. They are few. We are many. We can overtake them and destroy then but they want us to fight in between ourselves. It's so simple, because as long as we the people fight each other, we won't have the energy or means to fight the real enemy working in the shadows. This is why I've said for so long that the general public is so fucking stupid.

  8. You-Tube is part of the deep state problem.
    They support all this shit.
    You-Tube will eventually close down the truth channels.
    Glad you have an external website.Keep it coming.