Something strange about the timing of the “mugshot banning”

Recently news outlets as well as local governments have been banning the publishing of mugshots in the united states. This comes at the same time as the mass riots.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  2. Regarding the opening mugshot graphic: third row down from the top, and three (and a half) mugshots from the left = Brock Lesnar, former pro wrestler and former UFC heavyweight champion.

  3. Yup correct vacuum in the violators. Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 3 felons who were assailing him. Strange how "Rittenhouse" is so close to Ridden-house when you connect his last name to the results of his experience. Its almost like his name is a charactonym. Its like his name says he cleans house.

    They found three people with gunshot wounds, two were deceased, the third survived.

    They are:

    Joseph Rosenbaum, 36: Served twelve years in prison for a sexual offense against a minor.

    Anthony Huber, 26: Found guilty of multiple violent offenses, including strangulation

    Gaige Grosskreutz, 26: Convicted of burglary and weapons charges

  4. Interesting because we just had a terrorist attack in Birmingham UK, with one killed and many harmed. The attacker was on the loose but police wouldn't provide the description of the attacker. Leftists didn't think it was necessary.

  5. Consider the movie The Running Man. Set between 2017-2019. The travel pass in it. The sick use of media. Gold/silver outfits worn in the game (Gold standard?). Prisoners escaping. Prisoners used as slave labour. Also the resistance sees one guy wearing a Leninist outfit/hat and also a Christian cross around his neck.

  6. Ed can you talk about Fort Hood and the 28 mysterious deaths since January. Also why is no one calling it what it is? It's the black panther party renamed.


    Shadow bans me for outing (her) as youtube secret police. Assuming editorial control by deleting my posts in violation of YOUTUBE policy and USC section 230.

  8. If you watch the whole video you see the "famous" rioters that have been at all the "peaceful protests". That is absolutely a housing camp for the homeless rioters. Its absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. This is ridiculous already. And this is coming from a black woman. I do not agree with this movement has been going. It's making monsters of everyone!! Im scared to let my kids play outside now, and it's not because of no plandemic virus either, its because the world has lost its freaking mind!!

  9. Its so corrupt
    My x is on probation n i drug tested him n it came up pos ect he gets away with so much stuff n the officers do nothing ..u can pay them anything n they let u go do w.e u want..n yet im having to do this to see if hes allowed to see our son
    If they did their job hed either be locked up n that actually might be a good thing n i can sleep cuz he is crazy
    Or hed be sober at least cuz they be checking in on him
    I always check bookings in my area cuz i want to know what's goin on in my area n who to watch out for in public