Something’s Happening Here (Honesty Remix)

Some people sat in a room and thought that Billy Porter “For What It’s Worth” cover at the end of the DNC would convince people to vote for them. Anyway, Brandon Morse decided to make it more honest.

Written by Townhall Media


  1. I'm curious, legally, can we use the video content of these DNC videos…???
    These couple be so much better! Add performers, open source! Remix and remix!

  2. Looks like the DNC wanting to show how much they want DT to be re-elected.. Politics is twisted and that was the worst video I have ever seen from a group that can afford to put on a show.

    Obviously the DNC didn’t waste the BLM funds on that clip.

  3. That guy is ONE CONFUSED fella. As Jay Bee said, "What a freak show the democrap party has become."
    Personally… I call them Demoncrapitals for a reason.