Something’s Rotten in Denmark!

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  1. I'm going to say the word. Blackmail. Many people have blackmailed. And scared to death, there deeds become known. Powerful people are doing what they are told to do. Like the Twitter app. Censored and out of public consciousness. You are suppose to forget about this, and not think about this.

  2. Alright we get it. Here's the fact… we all need to f**** do whatever we can to put fauci in jail! There's no other way around this! you have to make sure that your legislator (at least f**** one of them) puts Fauci on trial. for f*** sakes people, don't just tell your legislator you're not going to vote for him or her. tell'em you're going to f**** burn their house down if they don't prosecute Fauci!

  3. All that is needed to change a nation is to win public opinion. George Washington spoke well !!
    And pledged his assets and time to do so. Where are the men like these ?
    The Constitution speaks of a people and subjects,
    It's easy to enslave ignorant subjects, but hard to enslave a wise and Discerning people.
    Know the difference

  4. the executives everywhere across the board chief of police the mayor of all the cities superintendent of school boards everybody goes to Epstein Island they engage in pedophilia and other debauchery while the Epstein washer steam this being that stained the other steam recorded all and then it start favor creating fear of being exposed this is why it's not going to get a coverage nobody's going to know because some big shot leader in your neighborhood has been to Epstein Island and enjoyed the comforts it offers…..

  5. the world has been engulfed in a shadow corporation the countries of the people have been devoured by this octopus this Hydra beast the euro has claimed Europe Conquered….. the bankers have infiltrated by contract by paper corporation they have conquered the whole world United Nations is not an elected body it is a corporate body your neighborhood government your city is not a city it's a corporation your sheriff your local sheriff is not elected body it is a 501c3 corporation you have no right to inspect the corporation you may vote for its leaders you may vote for the body but you do not have a right to see what's inside you are only allowed to vote for those that the corporate executives give you to vote for in South Carolina you are not allowed to vote for judges you are only allowed to have the judges that the legislature give you

  6. Epstein island is not dead they may have moved it but it's still there all the executive body of the Vatican have been to Epstein Island all of the priests who have sex with the nuns and make them pregnant the children are at Epstein Island child protective services take children from good parents and give them to known sex offenders predators this is your government this is your corporation the world is fascist and doesn't even know it United Nations is fascist corporate control the fourth Reich

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