Son Of Iranian Refugee Warns Lefties Not To Turn The West Into Iran

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Son Of Iranian Refugee Warns Lefties Not To Turn The West Into Iran

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Oh, and another thing 4:55 love the middle-class accents, priceless! How nice to have the time, money and free time to be able to "think critically about your identity"! Personally, I'm "thinking critically" about that nasty clonk coming from the steering on my Peugeot, and how I really can't afford that sort of thing right now. Things seen in the "Karen" clip- hypocrisy, bullshit and uber-virtue-signalling. Things not seen in the "Karen" clip- the glass of wine off-screen, the BMW in the driveway, the credit card temporarily paused mid-spend whilst the BBC calls…..

  2. It’s all too late. England, why England my country I home, it’s gone never to return this once great nation gone. We gave it away . In a way I am lucky I’m 76 I will be gone soon. But I leave behind me children and grandchildren. God help them what a bloody miserable place England has become. God save England God save the Queen??

  3. How often at a job interview, a white guy and a coloured guy, the job is given to the coloured guy. Yes that does happen. Where's the white privilege? White guy need not apply.

  4. Funny he says to learn history. The 1953 Iran coup was a Uk and US backed coup to overthrow the democratic Iranian government. Replacing the president with a Shah only for him to be overthrown during the Islamic Revolution which brought in the current Conservative Islamic nation today. This dude got the flag of the country that literally ruined his country. So in the end, I just say fuck the British Empire.

    Also the concept of the "Left" being this monolithic force is laughable. The real people in power aren't socialists because we live in a capitalist world. Those with real power, the kind of power that can cause coups to occur or manipulate a nation's electoral process are the same dudes who aren't paying taxes.

  5. They want to bring in a weaponized form of political correctness that controls the weak-minded and naive through extreme Marxism which only succeeds when people destroy their own society. Then the real MarxISTS take absolute and complete control without even a wimper. The general description of this is mass brain-washing … you are watching this and you cannot even see it! The saddest thing about this situation is that the left-wing political puppets in government are so moronic they can't even see their own deaths either, because when the "real" Marxist leader(s) appear they will start eliminating ALL opposition by deleting politicians first (unnecessary puppets), then teachers and books(knowledge), doctors, lawyers, police etc. in fact millions of people who may be of above average intelligence or power who might wake up to the cleansing. Read about the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to see the truly horrific FULL Marxist playbook.

  6. Becutifully put Mayar. I remember watching a documentary re the Iranian revolution years ago. And one image has always stayed in my mind. It was a western young woman in tight demin and long loose hair throwing rocks at the American Embassy in Terhran. I often wonder what became of this girl in the light of the fundamentalist regime. It is an example to all these these young women hysterically wanting to tear down Britain. I am sure if she could have seen the future of her country and how women would be treated under the ayatollahs she would have put the brick down and walked quietly away. It is not for nothing they say… be careful what you wish for!

  7. Keep ranting, Mahyar! Your ranting has style, and it actually means something. These wretched people need to be called out and we appreciate the voice of reason from this channel. Thank you for all that you do.

  8. Very poignant as always. Now please excuse me I just had to smile when you showed THAT PICTURE of the Iran women’s football team that had 8 men in their team. In the 1930s the German Student Movement started burning books in their universities and destroying statues, does that ring a bell to what’s happening here. It only took 5% of the German population to end up causing over 30 million deaths, history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

  9. When Lennin seized power in 1917 it drew a lot of people with authorterian ambitions into left wing politics. Opposing capitalism became their pretext for tyranny. When that began to "run out of steam" in the late 1950`s they switched to using anti-colonialism as a pretext for advocating tyranny. That soon morphed into "anti-racism." They are already building a replacment for "anti-racism" in the form of the green movment. All these ideologies are just a pretext for them holding power over the rest of us. Excuses for their tyranny.

  10. Thank you Mahyar! We moved to the US from Iran in 76 and watched the revolution on TV. The students were used by the Ayatollah back then to promote his bull shit revolution under the guise of spreading the wealth and BLM are now using black lives to promote their anarchy and overthrowing the US govt. very similar situations. They couldn’t care less about black lives. Westerners are having a hard time grasping what is really happening because in general they are naive.

  11. Instead of teachers, police and the judiciary being given increases in salary we should first investigate and examine the left wing nature of a good percentage of these individuals and if? they are working in the best public and national interest……..Educationalists, those who police our streets and enforce our laws are intrinsic in the stability of our country and culture and we should know their agenda?
    We need more overview and scrutiny of these agencies as it appears that, over the past few years, they have not been acting in a balanced political manner or respecting the MAJORITY! View.
    We, as a country, are being destabilised from within, therefore, we need to know who is with us and who is against us….and by the term ‘us’ I mean the MAJORITY! of the voters of the United Kingdom.

  12. You can't have a debate of any kind of worth with someone of a left wing agenda though. Soon as you point out anything factual or say something they don't like, then the race card comes out.

    So people tend to just stay quiet for an easy life and then make their opinions known at the ballot box. Keeps happening time and time again.

    Can't see society making any kind of decent progress until constructive conversation is allowed again without someone getting branded some kind of 'ist' for their troubles.

  13. So many women called Karen should sue these airheads for discrimination – that's if they were shallow little snowflakes like these two bird brains – talk about pot kettle!

  14. The BBC is a another name for ''The Ministry of Truth''. Orwell left the BBC in the 30s because he found it disgusting and fall of lunatic lefties. So the premise of 'The Ministry of Truth '' was the BBC.

  15. Next time I see a Lefty I'm going to throw them a copy of 1984, Homage to Catalonia and the Mein Kempf…absolute deluded fools. The thing is they don't read shit…they read Noam Chomsky and the Guardian and that's about it.