Sonya Sotomayor Claims 100 THOUSAND Children Are In ‘Serious Condition’ From Covid

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join editor of Chris Karr to analyze what it means that Sonya Sotomayor actually thinks that 100,000 children are in ‘serious condition’ due to Covid.

Guest: Chris Karr
@ChrisKarr17 (Twitter)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. well i know lots of people who did not get vaccinated and who did not get covid. So what is going on there? they were around others and did not wash their hands, did not wear masks- but they still had no covid or they never noticed it if they did. it seems if your immune system is good you just don't get any notable symptoms. it's an immune system thing entirely.

  2. Luke: Your going to be that cow in virtual reality, uploading your cosiousness through neurolink to zuckers digital hellscape
    Chris: Are you guys going to plug into the metaverse?
    Ian: Oh Absolutely! I've already got a bunch of shares and stock in digital real estate!

  3. Sotomayor, like Goldberg, are stupid people put into very public places by smart people. When the people who put them into place need them to say the "big" lies, they are ready to go.

  4. yeah and this is the problem, people like her are the ones calling the shots, making your children and you take medicine that isnt properly tested, clearly has not worked, but they are forcing you to take more of it to have a life. how are u a supreme court justice and have no basic knowledge of the serious things going on in the country

  5. Too many ignorant people are in high power positions, that's why we have the world we have. The people they look down on are more informed but they aren't listened too, they're called ignorant or a conspiracy theorist, then blocked or canceled.

  6. Anyone who's had the misfortune of looking into her knows she's both dumb and pure evil and malicious. Her most famous quote is "any Latina woman us smarter and more wise than any white man on the planet!" She's extremely racist, sexist, partisan, militant and ignorant.

  7. Someone like this should have their phd rescinded and removed from any position of power. Either that or put directly in jail. Either she is too dumb to have finished any type of education by herself or she is just pure evil.

  8. It inspires so much confidence when a member of SCOTUS tasked with deciding if this crap is even legal is among those who are pushing all the lies.

    I bet she can spread all the misinformation she wants with no fear of the fact checkers.

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