SOROS FUNDS News Organization To Combat ‘Misinformation’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give their take on the newly formed media group led by Democratic operatives being funded by Soros and other billionaires to combat ‘misinformation’ on the internet

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  1. Not big on BP's constant use of "boomer." I mean, "baby boomer" is a phrase with an actual meaning. What does "boomer" mean? Old person? Why? Just unoriginal and not creative. BP trying to be hip and act younger than they are. Take a selfie. LOL!

  2. How does this guy who doesn't even exist and was made up by Trump supporters keep funding all of these NGOs? I was told by a very credible Xir that there was no George Soros and that the true name for George Soros was "white privilege".

  3. Geez the number of comments disappearing 2 minutes after being posted just because they're about Soros… Things have to change. I'm gonna go find out if Krystal/Saagar are on uncensored alternatives to youtube. This is creepy, depressing.

  4. Soros destroys country and causes millions of deaths using stock markets, and when asked why does he do this when he could retire and his family will be rich forever.. His response was "why not? I shouldn't be worried about others when I have an opportunity to make money." Paraphrase his actual words made him seem more cold.. This guy is Obama and Hillary Clinton's mentor, and the European post Nazi era billionaire.. He's considered to be the #1 criminal in the Malaysia and 5 other countries and been told to be arrested on site for using his money and influence to destroy their countries and innocent just for a buck. Money which he doesn't need.

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