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  1. These polls are too high. I'd say his popularity is about 17%, 90% think the country is going in the wrong direction and 95% don't want him to run again. He didn't run in 20. He was installed by fr@#d.

  2. Does anybody really think voting left or right is going to stop the New World Order agenda? If you do you're sadly ignorant. As always, both sides are working together to divide regular people. Why do you think the Supreme Court chose NOW to reverse Roe vs Wade? Shouldn't be hard to see that it was done to stir people up and take their attention off what the World Economic Forum is up to. People are starting to wake up to that, so they gotta work on A LOT of distractions. And as always, as has happened consistently through history, ignorant and/or stupid people keep falling for the same political trick.

  3. None of that matters. The point is, half the country was lame enough to vote for Biden, in the first place. Even if, half the Lefty's get wallet hurt, they're still idiot. You must come to realize, 3/4 of the country is un-American. This includes, half the Republicans. Money is the the game (as opposed to Americanism or constitutionalism) and the common ilk, of the USA do not believe they have what it takes, to compete in a free-market economy. Offshore or not, for ignorance and indolence, the citizenry have gone piratic.

  4. They might be worried, but at least they have "the largest voter-fraud organization" in place to help them keep their jobs…

  5. Imagine voting when it’s pretty obvious the game is rigged, for decades!
    So why keep doing the same thing every election?
    Maybe it’s time for the government to be replaced?
    Little late though but who cares at this point🙋🏼‍♂️

  6. As long as we have mail in voting, Democrats can and will do whatever illegal garbage they have to do to give them an edge. Especially when they have scumbags like Soros and Zuckerberg dumping millions into helping it all along. Then they'll slander and harass anyone who tries to expose it like they've done every time.

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