South Park CANCELED in Australia Ahead of Pandemic Themed Premiere?

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Intro By: The Rivers Editor

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Written by No B.S.


  1. Yeah, Victoria government got small hatted.. s0r0s takeover, among other interests that share his ethnicity, and the suppression of the founding stock is fully under way…

  2. Australia has used the scamdemic to go full 1984 on their population. I'm guessing the network is under immense pressure from the regime to cancel the show. Without fear, the covid scam doesn't work.

  3. When something is censored, it's because the censors have something to hide. So, with that said… Australians, get yourselves a vpn and a Tor browser. It comes standard with the Brave browser, for anyone interested.

  4. I think my favorite episode was the WoW one. At the time I was playing Final Fantasy 11, which was the exact type of game as WoW. Even though I was the target of this joke I was not offended in the slightest because I was laughing. I had a buddy who was into WoW and I asked him how that community took it. He said "After it aired, there was like NO ONE on"

  5. North Korea on SP: How dare u mock us!
    China on SP: How dare u oppose us!
    Japan on SP: How dare u pity us!
    Canada on SP: How dare u belittle us!
    Aussies on SP: How dare u cross us!
    Philippines on SP: How dare u ignore us!