South Park Special BLASTS Disney, China & TRIGGERS Babies

All I can say is I love South Park and hope they never change. They may of avoided major push back yesterday but you know it’s coming.

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  1. When will CNN Facebook and Twitter use the Hammer and Sickle as their Emblem? AOC latest comment shows it clearly in the background? Mao Tse Tung would be very happy.

  2. I feel like when they make fun of "Trump", it's more like they make fun of what people believe about him, from the fake news. Hence the Mexican thing, since there was (and still is) widespread belief, for no good reason, that Trump hates mexicans.
    The part about him suppressing the cure was inaccurate as well; the dims and NWO are the ones suppressing HCQ. Still funny though.

  3. How is their trump disdain new?
    Douche and a giant turd? Anyone???

    Trump did rig the election(Thanks Anon)

    But would it have been better for Bill and Hillary to be able to pardon themselves for contracted murders, selling world ending weapons to radicals, or being VIPs at Epstein's Pedo Island?
    Probably not, sad fact though – Trudeau copped Trumps blueprints and did it in Canada too.
    Yay, not 1, but both of Canada's Largest Mass Murders were Prime Ministers

    9,000 Dead since 2016 – Thanks Trudeau and Harper

  4. Cracks me up that you read the den of geek review. That's the one I read and I was like bro go watch batwoman and piss off. Den of geek and IGN used to be credible. Now they're just pawns to rotten tomatoes and SJW.