Spend, Spend, Spend, In 2023 With Tarric Brooker

My latest Friday afternoon chat with Journalist Tarric Brooker, as we walk through the key charts as we come to the end of 2022. So, what might 2023 look like?

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  1. Solution to inflation is imo, Supply Side Progressivism (SSP) and "Market Socialism" with business diversity option – pls look both up.
    SSP is a non-elitist-first alternative to "Trickle Down Economics", which seems to be all about trying to tell us that the Billionaires & Private Equity Firms should be served first when it comes to solving any problem.

  2. Tarric, love your work, but they are NOT charts they are TABLES. Unfortunately on a mobile phone they are unreadable! So you'll have to do better or explain what we are looking at. Otherwise it's just a big blur.
    Other than that, keep up the great work you two!

  3. Three cheers for the peasants as they cheer on their mindless population for profit agenda even as it squishes them.

    I'm surprised the government isn't running a stimulus program around sacrificing the firstborns as slaves for housing lol

  4. Tarric, that is a great point you made about the changed calculus regarding the choice between investment properties vs term deposits as the more astute investment choice. It's something I didn't put much thought into until now, as I tend to assess things through the lens of an owner occupier, but it's yet another cause of the reduction in credit being sought (which will only increase further as the cash rate continues to climb and real estate values fall further) which will put downward pressure on both the cost of rent and real estate values even further than would otherwise be the case through the other factors alone.

  5. On the RBA website, the Asset Column went from 15406 million to 40million after the 26th October. A week later this series of data was removed back to the end of July 2020. Where did the money go – what has happened to 15366 Million in Australian Assets?

  6. Does your chart of Aussie Savings Volumes consider that many residential property investors have left the market recently to secure large capital gains, avoid mortgage rate rises and react to excessively tenant-biased regulation? If you sell a $1m rental property, the proceeds would normally become bank deposits initially while alternate strategies are pondered or to provision for CGT a bit later.

  7. He banks are making billions from the interest spreed. They all took advantage of refinancing there debt at .5% while charging there customer the going rate 4-6%. They are also make money on the cash account receiving a lot more interest than they are paying out

  8. There's a lot of expectation of big property moves next year.
    Channels like "pumped on property.
    "PK Gupta's" channel.
    "Ravi Sharma"
    and the big boys like "The Property Couch"
    and Simon Pressley of propertyology.

    Might be time to jump in before the next big uptick.
    I know this talk is scaring the crap out of me.

  9. A fundamental problem with assuming the ratio of savers to mortgage holders is 2 to 1 is the fact that the savers keep their money with the a fractional reserve bank. History shows in a financial crisis, banks have the ability to prevent withdrawals and savers need to be weary of this possibility. Interest rates could be used as bait to get people to give the fractional reserve bank money until the time comes when they can't let them withdraw it under the cover up of a global financial crisis.

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