Spike in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS) & Experts are BAFFLED as to WHY! Viva Clips

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An interesting article. No commentary. But questions are obvious.

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  1. Every second of oxygen lost to the brain is countless cells dead, just minutes and you can be drooling over coloring books for the rest of your life. But there are things that can be used to repair. But the thing is, when the oxygen comes back to the brain, it causes inflammation. So your brain could just swell up into your skull. Very very drastic. Must be treated rapidly or brain damage will ensue

  2. I wonder what the common denominator can be ???
    And if doctors can’t figure it out they are dumber than I know they are ? After all they believe masks work we all know the elephant in the room

  3. Interesting definitions:
    Efficacy = Shown to work as designed and intended in optimal clinical conditions, eg in a test tube or in a lab
    Effective = Proven to work at scale in the real world
    It is notable how two distinct concepts have been conflated by governments and media across the world as if they are one and the same

  4. My brother recently found dead in his sleep. They say it was sleep apnea, though never diagnosed before. And he was laying on his side, which usually eases breathing for sleep apnea.

  5. I am actually seeing a lot of ¨died unexpectedly¨ in the obit section of my local newspaper for the age group 60+. These folks were among the first to inject. Interesting.

  6. I took a single jab to fly to see family (the airline never in fact checked). Now if I exercise my heart feels scary after a minute. Not a marathon runner before this, but I could get into a sweat without worrying.

  7. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the experimental treatment they brainwashed everyone to get…and pharmaceutical companies are exempt from lawsuites…because the government protects them. Didn't they have everyone sign a waiver before getting the experimental treatment? How weird that wd have a rise in this rare condition right after we passed out unapproved experimental treatments…and even mandated them. 10 pages of side effects they hid from the public…

  8. I know a man who died and they said it was SADS. Has breathing difficulties they couldn’t figure out for a little while. He was also overweight. Sometimes, unfortunately, I think doctors miss the problem and then people die, so it just gets lumped under an umbrella term.

  9. The powers that be can put any spin or mask on this situation but most people know the truth and don't believe these spins put on the problem even if we don't say it out loud we know the truth.

  10. My wife has Multiple Sclerosis – M.S. and has been diagnosed with it for 35 years, she can't get life insurance. Our insurance agent was surprised but I wasn't, she's now 62!

  11. Welp, we all know this is going to affect the pharmacucks the hardest. I wonder why that could be? I can't say they deserve it, but they brought it on themselves by being too cowardly to look at the reality in front of them instead of what the idiot box tells them.

  12. Satire –
    Breaking, from Elephant In The Room News…

    Doctors and medical suddenly surprised by sudden increase of sudden heart attacks and suddenly created class of illness sadly called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, SADS.

    Up next…

    Doctors and scientists puzzled by apparent strange association of water with cases of drowning.

    To follow…

    When do the wealthy Elites plan to activate their One World Government depopulation Agenda 2021 plans, which, according to Klaus Schwab’s and Bill Gates’ World Economic Forum, are necessary to “Save the planet”?

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