Spike protein causes cell damage (from Livestream #79)

COVID spike protein causes cell damage. Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

Lei et al 2021. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2. Circulation Research 128(9): 1323–1326.

Salk Institute news release, modified since May 1:

Blog post on Science Translational Medicine by Derek Lowe on Spike Protein Behavior:

Video interview with Uri Manor, one of the authors on the Lei et al 2021 paper:

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #79 (originally streamed live on May 08, 2021):


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  1. My girlfriends bf had to be placed on a stretcher and taken to ER for nerve pain immediately after from the clinic. She went for chest and heart pain, NO ONE would even ENTERTAIN it was caused by the vaccine. They still told him to get his second dose, which they recommended he took on a stretcher just to be safe. So he did. They recommended she still get her second dose, so she did, even though it was already giving her health issues.
    People have lost their damn minds

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  3. Not planning on taking the vaccine; getting pressure from one particular family member to get the vax. I’m not sure what it would do to me since I suffer with Lyme and Fibro. My cells are a mess. Can anyone clarify what it could potentially do to someone like me?

  4. My 27 year old son will not take the vaccine. And has been exposed by others who tested positive for covid. Yet none of them got sick. And my son never tested positive. I did notice on the receipt of a positive test it stated in the small writing area that this test does not mean other virus aren’t present . So that tells me they really don’t know if your positive from covid or the flu.

  5. Its sad that people who take the vaccine are met with 'HA!!. FOOL. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IN A FEW YEARS' as much as people who dont want it are met with 'IDIOTS!! BELIEVE IN THE SCIENCE' Everything is a constant 'pick a side' and cant seem to see how much they contradict themselves parrotting from their little cult of which side they have chose. Its almost like its not about someones health but just for you to be correct and on the right team. Nt to help others see what you se. Also insert some funny quote and check back to see your like count. The modern world.

  6. We all need to get together every white person I know cool with me 50 years old never had no problem even work with people that call redneck new Florida no they had KK suits in that closet since I treat people how to treat me give me all the old tools when they buy new tools and I have $500 worth of tools New Era we all need to unite against people Elite anybody not in their Circle will be discriminated on trying to divide us old ways so we won't pay attention to their dirt united we stand divided we fall chose the right one

  7. I appreciate the information. However, She talks fast and with heavy breathing. Rolling eyes and tone change is annoying. Not a fan.
    "Um from Umbridge." ?

  8. A bat and a pangolin walk into a Chinese bar and the bartender says, “Sorry , we don’t serve Corona here. As a matter of fact we want you to leave. We’re anti bodies.”

  9. So this whole video is telling me the Spike protein is likely not going to travel to anywhere in your body except the injection site and yet most people on this comment section are willing to risk getting the actual COVID19 infection and get a bunch of uncontrolled spike proteins AND the live virus roaming in your blood stream. How fucking ironic is that. Get the vaccine. The benefit HUGELY outweighs the negative.

  10. It is astounding to me how many people have volunteered for potential suicide by injection over a bug almost guaranteed to not kill you. The people are lost. Stupidity reigns supreme.

  11. These vaxines are a BS from Billy Goat and trust me – he has bigger agenda in his sick mind. The shots are not created for the rona, but other way around. DO NOT TAKE A SHOT.

  12. Bottom line, take a risk. Poison the body with a vaccine untested and unapproved by the FDA with no long term study on the HUMAN body or risk getting the Covid virus and let your natural immune system take over. I choose……. My body, my right to choice. We live in very scary times…choose wisely.

  13. First.. I've had every vaccine available as have my kids. Every . one. Including standing in line outside for 2 hours to get the h1n1 when me eldest (14 now) was a toddler. I'm not against vaccines. Im against not knowing what's going on. That said, I've already had covid so has my family Way before the vaccine was out. But people STILL harass me over not getting the vaccine. Why? I almost died from covid (it barely touched my family). I didn't know it WAS covid because it wasn't supposed to be in our state they said (b.s) so I didn't go to the hospital. It felt nothing like having the flu. It was very strange feeling and out of 4 months (it took me that long to heal completely. To breathe stop having heart palpitations.. I'm asthmatic with heart murmur at birth I guess that's why it went through me like this) for 2 nights I remember thinking.. I may not wake up. I COULDN'T breathe. So here I am. An 0 negative blood type NO PROTEIN in my red blood cells. Being told I need to inject spike protein genome into my cells. My body has killed (miscarriages) MULTIPLE rhesus positive fetus for having Spike proteins While in my body… Why would this mRNA be any different? Won't my body attack it too as in causing my body to attack itself?? Plus. I've had covid already!

  14. How does the MRna vaccine cause some people to bleed? Phizer may not have been the cause but three members of my family have had bleeding issues. This happened about a month or two after the vaccines. My sister had bleeding in her eye, my father had bleeding in the bowels from an ulcer in the duodenum and my sister-in-law at 74 has just started vaginal bleeding.

  15. My biggest worry about covid is that it will mutate out of the line of sight, so to speak, of our working therapies (ivermectin, vaccines, etc) if we don't open it up to everything that might work the virus will overrun us beyond all hope. Brett and Heather, idk if you guys have covered this been i have seen comments about how vaccines can expedite mutations in viruses during epidemics.

  16. It wasn't a hamster, look to find info at Shanghai University for the double lung transplant patient that was sent to Wuhan Hospital in 2019. Answers are there.

  17. Question: If spike proteins are bad, what about the spike proteins that are developed in the body of people who got covid and have no vaccine? Just curious…

  18. Lets imagine for a second if you wanted to have a biological war with the rest of the world you would first need to release something like covid, something that is just dangerous enough for lock downs due to the possibility of overwhelming the hospital system, but not deadly enough for people to take it seriously after 18-24 months. People will become rebellious and start to refuse to follow the guide lines due to having no money, at this time you would release the deadly virus, one that the vaccine has no effect on. Infections will be rampant and within a short time many many will be dead, at this point you can send in your military that are vaccinated against this deadly virus and literally just take over with minimal resistance. If you had released the deadly one first the initial lock downs would more than likely stop it in it's tracks, and people would see how deadly it is and follow directions. The old style of war is way to expensive and destructive, ideally you would like to be able to walk in and have all infrastructure and assets in perfect condition, also the majority people that will loose their lives will be those that are rebellious and do not follow their governments orders. Just a thought!

  19. This paper uses a hamster model, and how this relates to the dose given to humans, or how similar a hamster is to a human is really anyone's guess. More importantly, if someone were theoretically concerned with avoiding massive doses of a Covid spike protein, the best advice would be to get a Covid vaccine. What Brett and Heather mention but don't emphasize nearly enough is that uncontrolled replication of a spike protein coated virus would cause exactly the problem they claim to be concerned with.

  20. so many things cause cell damage, the question is – how much cell damage. Breakdown products from alcohol and other substances cause cell damage, yet americans drink that stuff all the time and it is considered relatively benign. I am not surprised the spike protein causes cell damage. People who actually get infected and their immune systems overwhelmed with covid likely have much more spike protein circulating their body and wreaking havoc – hence the complications of covid extend far beyond the initial sickness. In my opinion, the vaccine is the lesser of two evils and necesarry to stop the spread.

  21. So, I just have one question, I've heard that there's issues with post-covid organ damage, and that it's quite bad.. Similar to that of post-SARS organ damage.. Is there any way we can get some info on this, as it would change things a lot..

  22. It’s disturbing how people who want to decide a different option to the vaccine are being demonised. This is not good for anyone or society.

    Beware of false prophets and people who think they have all the answers. Especially those in government who have the monopoly on violence and won’t be paying any price for their actions. If someone forced to get the vaccine gets sick, politicians will not be held accountable. They never are for their crimes.

  23. The spike protein produced by the vaccine has some differences from the native protein. My understanding is that at least one of the mRNA vaccines has protein with side-by-side proline residues not found in the native variant. Also my understanding is that studies have shown that this doubled proline variant is not cytotoxic. I have not found this source yet. But it should be a simple experiment to show that adding native spike protein to a tissue culture will cause cytotoxicity while the vaccine variant will not. I don’t think this is rocket science so can someone please just produce the dang paper or do the study and put this to rest!

  24. So they believed what they needed to be true to sell more vaccines without testing it. Awesome science bros! I always wanted heart inflammation so I'm going to be an obedient sheeple and take a double jabby jab of experimental GMO spike protein nano particles. Especially since they have an affinity to ACE 2 receptors which are literally everywhere throughout my body. I trust experts blindly because communist school teachers told me that would make me a more gooder citizen and I would get extra diversity points and PC social justice status.

  25. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath? "First Do no harm". Galen would turn over in his grave if he knew that the oath now is "first do no truth if the truth doesn't make money". We have such incredible science and minds available to us and we get corrupted by this.