Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study)

Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study)

In this concerning in-vitro study the researchers show how SARS-COV-2 Spike protein and other proteins go to a cell’s nucleus and impair DNA repair and cell’s immune responses. Let’s review the study.

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Study from Sweden

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  1. Does spike protein enters nucleus in every cell in your body? Does spike protein enters nucleus only after vaccination where protein is "manufactured" with mRNA instructions? What about natural infection? Does spike enters nucleus? Does spike protein alone(without a virus) circulate in blood even after natural infection?

  2. 😃😃😃The conspiracy theorist has spoken about all these from last year when these so call jab were been given to people and they debunk that theory. Why did people had magnet sticking to their arm after the jab because this magnetic element was deliberately put in these jab so as to drive this jab to every part of your cell. All you who still believe that this thing was your childhood immunization is still sleeping and need to wake up. Like they say this jab will not stop you getting the virus but it more likely stop death BUT that lie was thrown out the window and door. That is why social media cencoring peoples post and comments.

  3. They are teying to get investors inerested in fund gain of function to create a new universal flu shot. October 2019 forum style meeting, want get funding because flu vaccines arent “sexy” to scientists anymore.

  4. I’m not sure about this, but does the mRNA vaccine spike protein infect the nucleus of every cell in the human that has taken the jab? If so, does that mean that all cells would cease to proliferate or repair and would lead to eventual systemic cell death/ host death?

  5. Hello from France here. Let me tell you something: we were warned by a french doctor who won a medical nobel prize (Luc Montagnier) not to take the Mrna shot b/c he said that the it will exactly do the opposite of what it is supposed to do: creating a mutagen virus that will be more resistant and cause more heath implications in our DNA. This might be the biggest medical history in human history b/c the population has been coerced to get the vaccine. There was also a short documentary on this story on youtube and it got banned by YT. As a quick conclusion this is a neverending story and we will never get out of the vaccination cycle with booster shots as there will always be new variants (after at least 20 mutations).

  6. For those panicked. The study, under study conditions found the spike protein 'might' enter into very specific cells, and of it does it 'might' cause problems. Despite the fact in the last 50 years of vaccinating that all known side effects happen and are detectable within the first 8 months, and here we are over 8 months later and these same scientists have not found this worrying outcome in anyone. It happened only on a lab, under lab conditions when forced to happen. A lot could and if's to this article.

  7. How can a little bit of a spike protein produce anti-bodies for the variety of variants? At least, is it possible to create a 'cluster' of different pieces extracted from the variety of variants' spikes? Surely a little bit of a spike protein modeled on the original single S-1 is pretty useless because these antigen specific antibodies can no longer bind and neutralize the recent variants. And yet, the boosters are being administered according to the technology involving the original spike protein! This is a concerning lack of scientific literacy. (My name is Ewa, I am using my husband's account).

  8. Then why are you not warning people and helping them and telling them what to do to get some help. Why not sue the company making moderna if you know this information. This is murder. Maybe 2nd or 3rd defgree but it could be 1st degree murder. Either way it's still murder if only one person dies or many people die.

  9. It's one thing to be an intelligent Dr, but its especially impressive that this doctor made a very complex subject comprehensive enough that I now feel a bit more intelligent for listening.

  10. Notice how none of the commenters here have anything to say about the science of this study or the things Dr Been is explaining? This echo-chamber is lacking analysis. The fact that SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins are so insidious should warn you all that this virus is even more dangerous than you thought it was. Instead ya'll worried about synthesized (fake) spike proteins created by mRNA vaccine. Dr Been leaves out the education of the areas that this study does not explain, for example, how about explaining the fact that synthesized spike proteins created by mRNA vaccines cannot bind to cells? So…that means they cannot do any of the damage this study is suggesting may be possible.

  11. Whats the difference if you got covid or if you get vacinated as far as the spike protein is conserned? Is it the vaccine full length spike protein more dangerous or the virus protein itself? Can anyone anwser to this?

  12. Doc, in early 2020, a group of 9 scientists submitted a paper saying that, they believed HIV-1 fragments had been unnaturally inserted into the spike protein of the then circulating cov ID-19 virus. A while later, it was claimed that study had been “retracted” by its authors. What – 9 of them?? When I re-visited that page, large blocks had been placed on the report, to prevent people from seeing the contents of what had been written.
    So, if the spike proteins (with HIV) can attack the immune cells, like AIDS….Then cov ID patients would have heavy coughing, like AIDS patients, and not be able to fight off the virus(es)……
    The name of the study was:
    “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag”

    What if the same altered spike proteins found their way into the vexings?

    Thanks for the video!

  13. Evolution gave me my body, my health and my immune system.
    I treasure what I've been given over anything else.
    My body will return to mother Earth unblemished by some nonsense, experimental substance !
    And yes Gates , you may have my jab !

  14. My brother (age 67) had the A z shot and was dead within 3 weeks. The shot gave him G-BS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) AND ADEM (Accute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis). Both are diseases where the immune system attacks the nervous system, I am told. He was paralysed and brain damaged, was ventilated via a trachaeotomy and died soon after. All is NOT what it seems and this is NOT about our health.

  15. Was there not a Japanese bioavailability study showing that the lipid nanoparticles accumulate in the bone marrow, which is where immune cells are made? I think more and more boosters may eventually cause immunocompromise due to impaired DNA repair, impaired somatic hypermutation and impaired affinity maturation

  16. They said the vaccines were thoroughly tested. Now we know for a fact that that was a god damn lie. Vaccines lose up to 85% of their efficacy after 6 months. Did they know that? If they did, they are fkn criminals.

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