Spike protein in nucleus “NEWS” – COVID-19 vaccines update 32

Scientific evidence from Pfizer, presented to the Australian government, confirming the possible entry of the spike protein into the cell nuclei. We analyzed the remainder of the document information capturing the cell studies and animal studies prior to vaccines being approved, and discuss the limitations the Australian authorities were pointing towards.

***(First part of this evidence was presented in video#18 based on a Swedish research team). **

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  1. Nick Shulhin channel has interesting blood test results months after Pfizer jabs.
    He had neurological reaction … now he gets everything possible tested. They are even looking for spike protein markers.

  2. In that this is gene therapy and not a conventional "vaccine" why is it that they are not discussing the decrease in antibodies ie their function as compared to the duration of action of conventional vaccines ? It would seem that if the duration of action for lets say a hepatitis vaccine, polio or measles vaccine were functioning so poorly, the world would be a very different place. Many more iron Lungs would still be in use right? So why is this modality see as a preferential attempt at vaccine? Experiment writ large and or to maximize benefit of research not able to be accomplished at this scale is a sobering thing.

  3. Excellent! Huge thanks! Can you kindly comment on how the spike may possibly enter the nucleus. Endogenous LINE1? Reverse transcriptase? Or, does the ER merely facilitate the entrance? Intriguing as well as frightening. Of course, I am worried about the ramifications. THANK YOU!

  4. Wow. Insane!
    Nobody seems interested in the findings of Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, two of Germany's most experienced and respected pathologists, wrt the safety aspects this big pharma shill is telling you are unknown.
    Raszek, do you have a poster of Bill Gates above your bed?

  5. Aß I "investigated" in the beginning,BionTech has several Version of vaccine (I see 3) and one of that goes into cell/DNA. But I'm not really sure if I understood this correctly. Hope they do not test this version "hidden"….what do you think cause the severe side effects? Is mRNA a failed concept as a vaccine? BionTech working on cancer therapy, never got regulatory permission before.

  6. Can you go over the new Aids /HIV issue going on with vaccine, there is a difference between the two. Also the fact that the the white blood cells are being damaged which is making people susceptible to this. And is it the vector of HIV in the jab that is causing this to occur now saying due to 3rd booster

  7. I would love to see something showing how many Spike proteins are created during natural infection vs Vaccine. I have seen number like 30-40 million for natural infection and 14 trillion for the vaccine. I would assume based on your current video that the more spike proteins that you have the worse it will be for your health.

  8. I don’t trust Pfizer or anything Pfizer sponsored, they have big 💰to lose by exposing that horrific side effects of their precious V.
    Please discuss studies not sponsored or made by them, because they give me a sense that they are hiding a lot of info from these studies.

  9. First of all, THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful job with everything including source material!

    Secondly, I may have missed episodes where you touched on this but I am very interested in natural immunity. (How long it lasts, is it different between covid varieties like delta, original, omicron…?, are there common problems after recovery that have been noticed)

    I don’t know if many studies have focused on the natural immunity side of things yet. Thank you:-)

  10. Looks like my comment got censored!!
    Hallelujah!! lol such a pity our current society has enabled the rise of Unethical & Corrupt ppl as they are getting Rich & Powerful. A REAL SHAME for all SM platforms.

  11. So will the accumulation of the vaccine in humans lead to problems listed in the study ex. problems with women's periods, stay the same? Also will the waning antibodies continue to fall to zero as time advances? And will the problems that are being found in women with periods go away or stay the same since finding the introduction of the spike protein going into the gene is now proven. If I am understanding all this correctly. Just a novice.

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