Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein)

Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic. Clip from DarkHorse podcast. Full livestream here:
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Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology.
Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.

Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines.

Steve’s paper on COVID vaccine reactions:
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COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund:

Dr. Malone’s website:
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Robert’s Twitter:

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  1. 125,000 People saw this video in the first seven hours. And they can’t unsee it now. Thank you so much for your service to humanity

  2. Dark Horse is going to have to move to Bitchute soon. There are TONS of doctors from all over the world there – who have been saying this for months.

  3. Typically takes 10 years to develop a ,"quac".. I mean " vax" at a 6% success rate. Aka ,it takes 10 years and they fail 94% of the time. Crimes against humanity look at bill gates of hell and his cronies all politicians as well . That's trump= warp speed and Pelosi and biden …

  4. Can we also use some common sense… most people have a 99.6% survival to this… why do we even need a "so called vaccine?" Also.. we kmow there are effective therapies .. hydroxychloraquine, ivermectin, vit d, etc……

  5. Well…. I am vaccinated …. my daughter and mother also.. too late now funny when this guy was on Bill Maher he said he recommends vaccinations???

  6. To be honest. I'm having difficulty believing this too. How can the data be so alarming, and nobody is noticing. In ALL these countries. Not all countries are as politically correct as the USA .

  7. It’s a cost/benefit analysis. It seems the risks of further economic collapse are worse than the risks related to adverse reactions to the vaccine.

  8. I'm worried about how bad this may get later this year and next year…
    I suspect I may have to watch people I love (but didn't listen) die horribly.

  9. I’ve had 4 close friends with intimate horror stories of adverse affects personally, or of their friends and family. One had died within 48 hours of the 2nd shot. This person was a healthy mid forties woman with no prior med issues. That we are being force fed this vax and all manner of lotteries to goodie give aways to get people jabbed is insane. No thanks. I’ll stick with my immune system.

  10. It's standing staring you in the face ,the outcomes are screaming out and they the keep on begging you to take it ,all this gentle talk around it makes feel disgusted,my young son now has this cocktail in him with millions ,it's beyond disgusting .

  11. If they used gene therapy for the vaccine ,Genetic diversity in the population is vast, That's why it's used on an individual basis for targeted attacks on specific traits expressed in the individual.

  12. The jab alter your imune system in a way that is not gonna protect against variants and ppl vaccinated would be a lot more contagious and deadly. They are prepering the next wave after this summer, now the fake numbers in the news gonna turn real

  13. This is what I’ve been saying about the AstraZeneca vaccine here in UK. I personally know 4 ppl who have died of blood clots within days. Anecdotally that’s huge for a given small % affected. What’s worse is my friends & colleagues have the same stories. Everyone has someone in the family or a kids teacher they know, not just affected but died. Between ages 27-70+ that I’ve took note of and not counting the few media stories. Yet UK want to give it to kids next?! I get called a conspiracy theorist, I don’t think there is one I think it’s pure money grabbing greed and incompetence, but somethings not right. They call it the safer one bc it’s based on old technology but I’m not taking any now.

  14. This is what one of my friends said to me when I shared.. thoughts??

    This is what Chris Tedford replied to this video:

    Well that right there is first class bullshit……that just doesn’t pass the sniff test….not even a little bit. Here’s why.

    What we have here are three seemingly intelligent men speaking about how terrible this vaccine is….in fact, it’s so terrible that each of them knows “several” people who have experienced terrible adverse affects. The guy on the right immediately knows a guy who suffers a heart attack and his wife……his wife no less!!……her hands start shaking uncontrollably. The guy in the middle, we’ll be starts talking to “everyone he runs into” and the number of people who tell him they’ve had terrible adverse reactions is astronomical. Now the guy on the right he’s carrying on about the fact that lightening has struck twice on the cleaner and his wife, YET admits that he himself is vaccinated.
    BUT, here’s where it all falls apart real quick. We’ve got three guys going on about just how horrible things have been for the people around them – like unbelievably the absolute worst fucking luck for the people around them…..and I sit here tonight thinking about all the people I know who have been partially or fully vaccinated…..and I mean I’ve personally spoken to over a hundred people at work, social circles, neighbors, etc……and not a single mention from any of them….not a single mention about any of their friends or families experiences……about any adverse affect beyond a sore arm at point of injection or mild flu like symptoms common after you’ve received a vaccine. None of which has lasted beyond a day or two. So these three fuckers are either the unluckiest pricks surrounded by the largest group of unluckiest prick friends……OR……..they are completely full of absolute bullshit and they need clickbait content for their blog to drive ad revenue. Yeah, you know which one it is 🤣

  15. I have a question about the vaccine/ mask wearing… If vaccinated peoppe don't have to wear masks, doesn't that mean that the vaccine not only makes you have lesser symptoms but also makes you not a carrier of the virus? Can or can't you give the virus to others if you get vaccinated?

  16. Thank you for posting what I am able to use as credible, science backed research about spike proteins which essentially tear your organs to shreds like tiny metallic pins.

  17. I had both Pfizer vaccines with zero side effects. I'm a 56 year old female. I am now worried about something happening later on. Scary to think about.

  18. I'm all for having open and frank discussions about the efficacy and side effects of vaccines, but I'm a bit baffled by the experience of the guy on the right. If we're just using anecdotal evidence, I know people who've taken the Pfizer, Sinovac and AZ vaccines and I don't know of a single serious problem, other than the initial side effects (I had a fever for two days from AZ). As for the hard data, the only evidence I've seen has backed up what I've experienced anecdotally. Yes, some people might not be able to handle the vaccine and there might be serious side effects – that info HAS been discussed by numerous sources in the media. But overall, your chances of serious side effects (death, paralysis, etc) are very, very rare.

    But I'll be open enough to read information to the contrary.