Spike Proteins In Immune Cells – Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Spike Proteins In Immune Cells – Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Dr. Bruce Patterson’s team has discovered that the S1 pieces of the spike proteins persist in the monocytes resulting in immune dysregulation and long-haul syndrome. Let’s discuss these findings with him.

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  1. Statins have negative side effects and can be linked to dementia. Are they really necessary? Also, do the RNA vaccine’s help or hurt long haulers? Do you recommend them for long haulers? Perhaps you mention this later in this YouTube but I can’t listen to the entire offering.

  2. I don't understand very much of what is being said, but I find this interesting and helpful. The worst thing about long covid is not is being believed or not having medical help. I am still suffering 15 months in. I have had both Astra Zenica jabs which has been like having Covid 3 times including the actual virus. I am getting out on my bike cycling and am able to do a certain amount of exercise, but I get out of breath and if I over do it I bomb out and have to sleep. I keep thinking I am getting better, but keep relapsing. The head pressure is almost constant and My eyes hurt typing this. Someone suggested it was in my all in my head, and I probably had a cold. The fatigue is real and I am usually very tired in the afternoons and have lots of aches and pains. I think it is getting better, but I am not out of the woods yet. It has been very difficult for me, and not knowing what is wrong with me has been quite scary and very depressing since I can't do what I used to do and it is a battle getting things done. There must be millions of people like me of course. Thank you for your work I feel a bit more hopeful after watching this talk even though I probably will not get any treatment. My doctor says she can't do anything. Meanwhile the DWP has declared me fit to work and I am concerned about having my social welfare sanctioned. This is a lonely place to be. Your work will help so many people and I hope it gets the support it deserves in getting much needed treatments out there to people.

  3. The biggest difficulty that long covid presents is that it compromises any expectation of recovery, without which recovery is impossible. This research at the very least restores it so that we can now have some expectation of recovery.

  4. You suggested it was ok to get the “vaccine” because you had treatments to bring them back over time…but what about the people who had acute and severe reactions and died after the shot.

  5. Haven’t had the shot. Have long haul Lyme with similar symptoms. Taking ivermectin prophylaxis. Can you protocol address long term Lyme as well?

  6. Thank you! Please continue this very good work and please keep us informed. I feel that we need to be sure that the powers that be are informed too. I expect a "gestapo future" otherwise. What I mean is that jobs are lost and people are fired and rights removed because of our choice to not be vaccinated. I have fibromyalgia and some of my symptoms resemble those of the long haulers. Doctors are not informed as a rule about Fibromyalgia. I am not going to take this vaccine until there is more proving out how to fix what the vaccine breaks in the immune response. Your work is appreciated. I want to be the first one in line for the drug that may help people with fibromyalgia!

  7. Why aren't you guys using bovine colostrum? It modulates immune function and would prevent or drastically reduce any symptoms if one got covid or any variants in the future… Why wouldn't we want to harness the ability to create antibodies to a new pathogen in the first 24 hours of exposure?

  8. there not really saying anything keeping it safe staying on the fence cheak out journeyman episode 15 or all of them there all proffessors atually coming fwd not keeping it safe for them as they are so upset with this genocide

  9. Wuhan needs to pay for everything that has torn this country / world apart…ALL dead victims neeed to be listed especially. Those who were burned without any investigation COMPIESATION IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY….fk.

  10. Anybody who has any idea on how long the spike proteins last in the body after vaccination? (first dose in my case) Would be nice to have an approxi for when you're out in the clear. Thanks

  11. In one cluster of more than 200 cases in Provincetown, Massachusetts, 70 percent of the Covid positive cases since July 1 have been among vaccinated individuals, Town Manager Alex Morse said in an MSNBC interview.

  12. I am so looking forward to getting back to being able to do the things I use to with vigor and enthusiasm. Please cause this understanding to become mainstream in the medical community.

  13. YOU ARE ALL LOOKING AT VIRUSES INCORRECTLY, PERPETUATING STUPIDITY. ✨ Disease and sickness is directly related to toxins and dead cells that get in the way of the body's voltage. Viruses are building plans for the most efficient body for that environment. If the body is toxified with big Pharmas pesticides, medications and vaccine adjuvants, these toxins get in the way of the body's voltage lowering it causing bacteria and viruses usually already in the body to wake up, reproduce, to break down and remove the toxins, rebuild the body and restore voltage.✨ You cannot medicate or vaccinate away an unhealthy exhausted or toxified immune system, you must rebuild it and restore voltage, with organic whole foods and exercise. ❤️ Those who blindly believe your doctors who are taught by big Pharma, will be lifelong clients of them and their products, at the expense of your health✨ Simplify things you fools.

  14. Dr. Mobeen Syed, can you explain what Dr. Bruce Patterson was saying about Chronic fatigue syndrome and Epstein barr plus fibermyalgia. Because I have all of those and while diet has helped my chronic fatigue wonderfully I still have times it hits me and brings me down. Thanks..???

  15. The smug pretense, presented here and from hereon in this venue, that this recent work is suddenly settled science (and that you have the new correct prescription to counteract the previous, already dubious, prescription) as a competently established, comprehensive mechanism is, in a word, stupid.

  16. Some points that were made 6 to 9 mins, long halers, "vascular" inflammation occurring all over the body.
    Would this condition be helped by fasting???
    I'm not a Doctor, but as I understand it, when one fasts the body starts by using sugars then fats, then starts looking for and consuming old cells, etc.

  17. Thanks to the FLCCC doctors Ivermectin is now available to anyone in the US. I have two 3 1/2 month doses, 1 for me and 1 for my wife, just in case we come down with the China Virus or variants.

  18. Who benefits from this conversation? I hold a Masters in Edu. and cannot easily decipher what you gentlemen are speaking about. Be succinct, speak in layman‘s terms so we the people can benefit from what you’re saying.

  19. Corona virus RNA vaccines AND testing ( patents) were researched for some time : US patents: 7220852. 7151163. ( this one a pharma branch of big boys)7279327. 7279327. 6372224. Is this a novel coronavirus, a cousin coronavirus or old coronavirus?

  20. So did anybody test to see how 5G frequencies effect a cell – because man6 of these symptoms seem the same ( according to a Department of Defense document : " The Biological effects of electromagnetic/ microwave frequencies" it seems every symptom " covid" show is the same symptoms exposure to emf/ microwave exposure show.

  21. What about the Graphene Oxide ( GO) found in these shots? Also the shot is a synthetic/ computerized Spike protein- it does NOT belong in the human body.
    I'm feeling this is a psyop yo get people to think taking this toxic/ deadly shot is okay to do- ehen it's NOT. Prople- beaware of thr messages you are hearing. These two men should have raised an alarm towards the shot- and they didn't!

    Everybody has " fragments of the covid protein"
    This is a psychological operation-
    " longhauler"= lg Noah Rule

  22. Testimonies of post vaccination Victims show headackes and Brain Fog (refer to Maddy's Mother interview on Fox News). I think DC Patterson should contact this 12 Old girl to understand why and help her out if possible.