Spotify Employees ALREADY Trying To Get Joe Rogan Banned, Several Episodes REMOVED Already

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  1. I have watched every episode of jre from about episode 70 or 80. I am going to say goodbye. Never will I support or install of give a single view to Spotify. They have shown right off the bat that they support normal censorship.

  2. Gonna call it:
    – presidential debate happens on podcast
    – Spotify bans Joe
    – Joe pretends to complain
    – Joe post only positive clips of Biden on YouTube
    – Full podcast gets posted somewhere else
    – Joe goes full censorship

  3. I was almost about to open a Spotify account just to hear the JRE podcast. Think I’m going to wait a while now. I’m tired of supporting any company that plays this cancelcensor bullshit. Those employees can go fuck themselves. I hope they get laid off.

  4. Here's the problem with the modern day left: they don't believe people SHOULD think for themselves. They can no longer understand how someone can listen to someone like Joe Rogan and think CRITICALLY, agreeing with some parts of it and not other parts of it. There is no more room for debate. If you challenge the ideology AT ALL, you get cancelled! No debate, no objectivity, no THINKING. This is the modern day Left.

  5. I still get my JRE podcasts free in the google podcast app. I'd never pay spotify a dime. Nothing has changed as far as I see.
    It's not hard to host a MP3 file and update a RSS feed, this is 90s level tech. He could do it on his own in his garage.

  6. And what happens if everyone that supports Joe decides to leave Spotify because they are censoring Joe's podcasts?
    Will Spotify side with the money and censor it's employees instead.

  7. Spotify needs Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan doesn't need Spotify.

    The vocal minorities need to be stomped out for good. I'm sick of the fact that a handful of sheltered, socially retarded weirdos dictate what the other 99.9% of the world gets to see and hear.

    When did we allow the lunatics to start running the asylum?

    Speaking of Rogan, I love that guest (Douglas Murray) he had on today that said "If someone calls you a racist based on nothing, call them a pedophile. Ask why they can't stop shagging kids. Play their game." Classic!

  8. A generation that grew up watching shows like family guy, the simpsons, South Park, and all the other offensive tv shows, sure get offended off of the stupidest things nowadays