Spotify Stock TANKS Amid Reports Joe Rogan’s Podcast Was Censored, I Call BS

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  1. he literally said he would be keeping his favorite episodes on YouTube with video. he didn’t censor anything just put them on a different platform calm down

  2. So now people like Tim Pool are going to demand Joe has this person or that person on his show. Last time I checked its the Joe Rogan show not the conservative talking show. He can talk to whoever he wants to talk to. Its funny how a bunch of snowflakes get into their feelings over a few episodes missing. It must be hard not having a $100 million deal.

  3. Rogan has slowly been censoring himself more over the past few years. The spotify deal is just the exclamation point at end of his transformation into full PC culture. Too bad, considering I learned a lot growing up listening to most of the early episodes.

  4. Spotify lost 4 billion dollars in Joe Rogan already cashed his check and laughed his way to the bank what did he think was going to happen Joe rogan's like a multi-millionaire and he makes a lot of money from the UFC and the guy is smart with his money and he knows what he's doing Spotify they should have just put all his episodes there and it's sad I have all his great episodes I have the episodes where guys that I know personally been on his show and I'm happy with that fighters that I have coached so at the end of the day it's all good

  5. I don't know what's funnier, people actually believed joe rogan keep his promise or believed spotify would go through with that kind of deal. Either way, lol.

  6. Just to jump in slightly…. Tesla stock dropped around that time (30%) and Tesla is used as an indicator of risk. If people are prepared to stand more risk people are invested in shares if they are less risk adverse they move into bonds etc….. I know Tesla isn't a tech company but it's often lumped in with them as a cutting edge company…… I think what you are seeing here is a market correction – Tesla got a cold and Spotify got a sniffle – it could also be a correction of when the JRE EXP was announced the Spotify shares rallied by roughly the same amount

  7. Joe doesn’t owe us anything. Neither does Spotify. But we don’t owe Joe or Spotify anything either. He can do what he wants and people will stop listening if he starts changing his show.

  8. 6:20 ahhh tim if all you got for a general stock drop is apple & netflix i think you missing the big picture. netflix took a hit over cuties promo & apples probably suffering from the trade changes between the USA & ccp