Spy agency ASIO not aware of secret Sydney Communist China police station

Reports last year indicated that the China has set up police stations across the world including one in Sydney.

Chinese authorities have said the stations, sometimes called “contact points”, provide services to citizens, such as renewing national identification cards, passports and drivers licences, by using facial recognition technology.

But human rights groups fear overseas police offices could also be used to target dissidents abroad or compel people to return to China where they could face potentially politicised trials.

Despite this potential National Security Breach, our spy agency ASIO doesn’t appear worried and claims to not know anything about it. China must laugh at our government.


Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. China is the enemy, post 2007/8 economic crisis….the Rudd Gillard government allowed Chinese Communists into Australia on mass. Now we are paying for it. As for monitoring extremists in Australia, this guy talks about right wing extremists, of which, I believe is a white elephant. On the other hand, aggressive violent left wing extremists appear to be overlooked. ANTIFA, GetUp vandalising conservative political billboards on mass in the electorate of Kooyong!

  2. So all the Pro Free Hong Kong Activists etc in Australia being attacked in public over the last few years didnt raise any suspicion? What happened in the days when AFP/ASIO prevented people from going overseas to fight in Foreign wars.

  3. He is just another overpaid public servant more interested in his job than the security of this country. He is hiding behind the nuance of a suggesting these people being Australian 'citizens', are, thereby, untouchable. What a wanker. I'm sure that he would find a different nuance if a white Australian male expressed the same deplorable sentiments and behaviours that the subject of this exchange had participated in the same behaviours. The deadpan face and flat responses indicate that our security agency is weak and woke. What the fuck do these people do.
    I suspect that this 'leader' is a lineal thinker rather than a lateral thinker and that he gained his position by being appointed by other lineal thinkers.

  4. this ASIO clown is an imbecile. Who the hell gave this dummy his job? Get rid of him and put someone in who knows something about national security. An absolute joke that we're depending on this goose to protect the nation from spies and treachery.

  5. Does anyone remember an incident happened in a restaurant in South Australia state, where a chinese guy who kicked so hard at a young student girl who was only asking to be paid for her work because she didn't got paid for two weeks? That incident went viral on the internet. Anyway, my point is that that individual chinese guy was arrested and charged for what he did. He got bailed which surprised me. However, during the trial hearing it was revealed that he provided over 40 good references. But, from that kind of contemptuous kicking and chocking the young student tells me that he's a member of the CCP team stationed here. A strong arguable point is that no one could produce over 40 good character references. But, I was so surprised that no one has investigated this guy and why was he here in Australia. I believe he's still here enjoying life, not suffering at all. Whereas his victim suffers mentally and physically because of what he did.

  6. Just ask the local Chinese criminal s ,if there is any question about a Chinese police presence,, unlikely,the criminal s probably what rid of em more than the rest of us, it would take 60 minutes about that time to find the Chinese cops

  7. This guy has his finger on every non vaxxa guaranteed. Bet he knows about anti lockdown protesters. Shit, id guarantee they are monitoring All social media & pegging people based on posts. But the few things they can't do is tell the Australian people about specific external threats to our security. What a weasel.

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