Squad FALLS IN LINE For BILLIONS More In Weapons To Ukraine |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the vote to send $40 billion more in Ukraine aid that took place in the House as the Squad fell in line with Democrats and objections came from the GOP

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Ryan Grim:

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  1. Nah…it is not free money for Ukraine. Now American bankers got the whole country by its balls, just like how China got African countries by their balls. The U.S. now owns Ukraine, but the Zelensky regime does not care since they will skim off the money. I like how so many people forgot how corrupted the Zelensky regime has been.

  2. Our babies don't have access to food and congress just nearly unanimously sent 40 billion dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine to fight a war. This is almost dystopian.

  3. The Ukrainians in the West do Not want to continue fighting. They are drafting 40 year olds to be cannon fodder. The Eastern Ukrainian Nazis are the ones who want to fight for racist reasons since they hate ethnic Russians like their Third Reich forbears hated the Jews.

  4. Crazy homelessness problem, Opiate epidemic, Astronomical gas prices, Small business suffering
    Congress: "Lets spend 40b to get in a unneeded war with Russia"
    Behold, the government you voted for.

  5. They are resupplying the Nazis there. Our government is corrupt enough said. I can give a fuck about Ukraine. The corrupt politicians will launder the money and some will come back to them. They have been doing this for decades. How do you think these politicians get rich in government?

  6. 12:26 The congressman should be silenced. We are definitely not at war with Russia. Public narrative matters internationally.
    We need Russia to bleed out in Ukraine and all the seized territory (including Crimea) needs to be recovered. Appeasement does not work. I hate the Hitler comparisons but Putin is acting like him 1 for 1.

    We have an authoritarian strongman acting in a way that is "irrational"; with specific territorial expansion goals (rebuild the soviet union). This war is only happening because we failed to push back in 2014. Crimea was the Sudetenland. Same exact ethnic public justification. We need to shut that down and weaken Russia so badly this can't happen again

  7. Yup, we've reached the ten thousandth reason I no longer vote Democrat. And that includes for "progressives," who are functionally identical to every other Democrat in their shitty party.

  8. Its a good bill, we are going into recession. Sure, the rich will get richer, but build back better would have done the same, and no one really said anything about that. The Ukrainians need to push back Russian military forces as quickly as possible, to avoid a drawn out conflict that will take more civilian lives than military lives. He is the President, he does war. No, I didn't vote for him, or anybody for President. Does any administration explain their actions?

  9. afganistan cost america 1 billion a day for 20 years. 40 billion aid to ukraine for humantaire aid and weapons for the next 6month. what's worse? people in ukraine get there infrastructure destroyed. every day they lose human life. and if ukraine loses quick russia moves to more foreign counties. just like hitler did you remember when russia took crimea it went to easy so there back for more.

  10. BUT WE, America, dont have the money to have healthcare for all, or free college for all our kids, or good living for our veterans. we CANT paid better to our workers: teachers, nurses…

  11. What's the saying -it's fun to spend other people's money.
    If only we could get our government to spend this kind of money in our own country to fix our aging infrastructure and maybe build more hospitals.

  12. No one knows Ukraine here, they negotiated deals with the Russians because they own the pipelines that go to Europe. Why doesn't anyone talk about that? Nord Stream 2 bypassed Ukraine. Now its gone, Ukraine had turned totally from Russia even before this…the United States and NATO need not only to guarantee Ukraine's borders, but Russia's as well in any negotiated peace that will come only after the military has been removed from Ukraine. There may be a geopolitical crises on Russia's vast borders because of this, and that will not be good for anyone on the other side of the world. Many people in Russia, including most of the young people, actually don't like their government either. See, we have something in common already. Russians and Ukrainians love to steal money from state owned Naftogaz & Gazprom too. Its almost like a mafia type situation. More commonalities between all of us may exist if our oil guys love stealing money from our state subsidized oil companies. Do they?

  13. Go Brandon Go!!

    The Neo-Liberal, corporate conservative Dems, like the GOP, sold their souls to the highest bidder 40+ years ago. Now it's all about riding the gravy train until they get booted out of office. As the default party, (lesser of two evils) they feel they don't have to do a damn thing because eventually the GOP will blow everything up – again and then they roll-in by default. Rinse and repeat.

    Pathetic we call what we have today a Democracy. It's a bleeping joke!! Late stage capitalism is destroying our country and it's people!

    Dems passed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief deal officially known as the American Rescue Plan and have punted ever since. They couldn’t pass BBB, the Voting Rights Act or the Pro Act?? What about HR1 – Gone!, paid family leave – Splat!, free universal expanding child tax credit/Pre-K – 1 year, Climate Change – non-existent, $15 min wage – gone, Free 4 year college – gone!, erasing student debt – gone, Public Option – gone!, Prescription drug reform – poof!, not lowering Medicare age – Super Poof!, $2k checks – gone with means testing, nominal tax increases for the rich/ corporations or a host of campaign promises that went no where. Yeah, policy driven these clowns ain’t!

    Also a complete failure – For the People Act, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. On the other hand, 34 voter suppression laws are quickly implemented in 19 states since November of 2020 by the GOP/RW without problems and never countered by these so-called Dems, who used to stand and fight for the people. Pathetic, people even call them a party. Maybe a party joke!!

    The House approved a $39.8 billion aid package for Ukraine on May 10, sending the massive supplemental to the Senate as Russia’s invasion nears the three-month mark. In a shift in strategy, Democrats decided to propose the current Ukraine aid package without linking it to a COVID-19 assistance package. The pandemic aid, which totals $10 billion is on hold, screw the American people!! Why the hell do people vote for these bozos?? How are we going to pay for it?? The American taxpayers!! No money left for domestic issues!

    Does anyone remember when the GOP jammed through their unnecessary $1.90T unpaid for tax cuts for the wealthy elites/ corporations in 2 weeks flat! No biggie, no debate. See a stink’in pattern here?? But if a penny is spent on domestic/ social issues, it’s “socialism” and debated to death. Ain’t crony bi-partisanship/ corporatism great? NoT!! American Exceptionalism, baby!!

    Maybe the Dems should do “politics” first and skip the damn policy, because they suck at it. Meanwhile, the RW media and RW pundits, shills and stooges are pummeling Brandon and his ineffectual administration for the handling of Covid, withdrawal from Afghanistan, high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, rising interest rates and now Ukraine while 100% deflecting on 1/6 and their complete obstructionism. Crickets is all you hear from this administration. Brandon’s sinking polls number just dropped to his lowest yet, 36-40% approval, while his spineless, clueless, foxhole, rubber-stamping, capitulating, corporate conservative party will be shellacked in 2022 and 2024. Serves them right for Standing for Nothing and Fighting for Less!

    People, we need 3rd parties. This corrupt duopoly we have ain’t working.

    Boot them all and then boot them again for good measure!!

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