Squad Ignores Real Eviction Protest On Capitol Hill

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  1. I couldn't find any coverage in the media or on RT of the People's Party Occupy Congress Protest. You're right AOC and the squad were considered sacrosant. No one else will be allowed to do it. This is the first information I have seen about this Protest. I was very disappointed that RT did not cover it since they cover demonstrations in France, Spain, etc., etc. Shame on RT that behaved just like US corporate and social media by not covering this important protest..

  2. The government no longer represents the people. The side in charge only cares about themselves. The other Americans, are ignored because they are on a different political team. So they don't matter at all.

  3. We the people left and right need to come together just for the BS alone we can't even protest without being arrested on the capital steps. They tell us we can't use communication devices to voice out concerns.

  4. You can't forgive rent because the people who own the apartment need that money to pay the upkeep and mortgage. Life isn't a free ride you need to pay your bill like it or not!! You raise the hour wage and they raise price that brings more people down to poverty it doesn't help anyone.

  5. Lets see them arrest 1-2 million protestors…….. good luck to them.🤬aoc isn't going to do shit, she's USELESS, and she could care fucking less about any regular, average citizen. Could care less!!!🤬

  6. AOC is so clever. She's worked out that simple people just want positive vibes and high energy. So she sells that to them, knowing they won't pay attention to the content.

    She's political junk food.

  7. Over reaction to Jan 6 Jimmy? Really? Can we overreact to cretins, morons and idiots egged on by a criminal, corrupt president to overthrow our government? Yeah, go drop another AOC video there Jimbo.

  8. Rent forgiveness is the left transferring a lot of middle class houses to a lot of rich people after the gov made it impossible for them to collect rent. You people are either evil or stupid.

  9. We have to stop dealing with things like this as mere "political differences" in the tried and true American tradition. What we are actually dealing with is the fact that the USA is a fascist state. It isn't sort of like one, it isn't beginning to resemble one, it is one. And one of its primary tools of power is keeping people believing that the American political arena is a place of fundamental freedom and mutual respect regardless of how nasty the party arguments get. We live in a fascist state and the terrible truth is that most Americans cannot process this fact and produce a meaningful response.

  10. Serious violation of constitutional, civil, and human rights! You want to put 11 million people in the street? Bring it congress. Neither the left or the right could’ve put this many people in the street. You just did it for us.

  11. SO WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED SINCE THE DEMOCRATS TOOK CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE………They are all for the people during an election cycle. Then when they get what they want….THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE! Its all an act to get votes……….But hey, democrats have controlled california for years and we all know how that is turning out!

  12. If there can be anything more humiliating it's this 'street gesticulation and slang'. Obama resorted to a similar behavioral psychology: whenever he spoke to a black audience, he always spoke in gangsta rap style slang, which is incredibly humiliating for someone’s IQ. As soon as he turned away, he knew how to speak normally. And that's what she does. She waves her hands, speaks empty words in slang, all totally fake – but, people have the representatives they deserve. Jimmy has long overlooked her, and there are still thousands of those who still think she is a working class person. All she thinks is a candidacy for the next term and the next and the next. Get rich at the expense of taxpayers. Why don’t they ask her if her supporters also deserve and get top and free mental health help?! She uses psychology, which should be humiliating to people. She only comes among people when she needs something. And even then she only comes if you have the right questions and certain thinking. Otherwise, her team blocks you up just like Clinton.

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