Stalingrad Part 3 of 3 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

Stalingrad Part 3 of 3 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

Written by Kassie Pasch


  1. Is there any reason that German POWs weren't released not long after the surrender?. I understand that they had to ck for SS but it seems to me that they just kept them for forced labor and then death. Also, Stalingrad just came down to Germany not having enough men or equipment on hand to undertake this war. Hard to believe Hitler being so nieve about Russia's military capabilities. Numerous times they were so close to splitting and surrounding the 62nd, in the factory district, and had to stop for lack of supplies. Paulus actually did a fantastic job for all that went against him.

  2. The story of a hardcore German unit that battled in lederhosen during the Russian winter… But seriously the calorie intake must of been unbelievable to fight during -30°. Thousands of calories and still starving. Its said small men had better odds living during stalingrad and pow years. But I believe this will be the future big battle and not a battle like kursk, out in the open. So make sure to bring a record player.

  3. My woman is sleeping next to me, I've had a decent dinner, room is warm and I'm listening to this through my ear
    Phones till I fall asleep. Feels good not to be there.

  4. Thank God we didnt attack Berlin and be thankful that we didnt fight with Soviets in Ww2 against the Germans on the Eastern front or there would have been many more Americsn deaths in Ww2 ..
    Remember the Russians fought the Jspanese in Manchuria after they beat the Germans. In Berlin ..All of those hundreds of thousands of Japanese prisoners were sent to the gulags and mines in the USSR for years . They were txed.. terribly also

  5. Too bad the Russians hate Beevor and try to save face so much they have completely discounted all that is in his books. When people cannot even agree on the same history, progress to solving differences will always be impossible.