Starbucks Screws Workers Out Of COVID Sick Pay

Young climate justice activist and Instagram influencer Mikaela Loach was honored with an award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s at this year’s #Goalkeepers2030 conference, and took the opportunity to light into the corrupt economic system that produces billionaires like Bill Gates and to insist that so-called “billionaire philanthrocapitalism” will not save us.

Jimmy and Hard Lens Media’s Kit Cabello discuss Loach’s effort at speaking truth to power while receiving an award from the very individuals she’s criticizing.

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  1. CEO of my company makes almost 10 million a year, and no one can figure out why or what he possibly does to earn that much. I could have his job for a year then retire….

  2. Teachers in my state no longer get Covid sick pay – if you admit that you tested positive, you get a quarantine and use your own sick pay, and that's the STATE's policy … The message unsaid? "If you test + don't tell HR or you'll lose a week of sick pay while still having to create lesson plans, etc., from home."

  3. 34K a year is less than POINT TWO PERCENT of what the CEO makes. If they made 20k a year that would be 1/1000th of his pay. Whoops, I commented before I watched it all. Glad we're on the same page.

  4. Wait – the company that fired a store manager because the store manager followed the company rules and refused to allow a non-customer to use the bathroom, JUST to virtue-signal, doesn't actually care about their employees?

  5. 🤣 Ok Jimmy, the man who can't figure out how to get off the stage had the forethought to claim this woman was 12, when she really wasn't, in order to not out her actual age. You really believe Biden is capable of that much forethought? Get real. We all know he's not capable of that and weve all seen the sniffing, the touching, and the diary allegations. The most obvious explanation IS THE EXPLANATION. He's a pedophile and he's reminiscing about the 12 year old he molested when he was 30. Nah, he was hiding her real age 🤣😅. You're sounding like a pedo defender

  6. "Oh ..well.. when he farted it was while walking the factory and we know for certain, this has been verified by the Secret Service. But the effects of a very well balanced diet of white chicken, gluten free toast and avocado. He's our brave little man!"

  7. Pink looks good 👀 not sure if im allowed to say that..
    The spanish inquisition may well bust through my door…
    To balance that..slightly off white, as am i, looks good with royal blue..
    I say that as an artist..
    Color contrast is a real thing..

  8. Yet these establishment loving lefties will STILL go there, still work there, still represent the brand for free, because to them, Starbucks is the left and it means they are rich, cultured, classy lefties if they go there.

  9. The FED stopped reimbursing covid sick time. Companies stopped permitting unlimited covid sick time. You get covid you call out sick you get fired for using too many sick days.

  10. "No, we will not be paying employees for missed sick time during the pandemic….BUT you will receive any medium sized beverage of your choice….at 50% off the regular price."

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